Monday, August 29, 2005

The 2005 VMAs: How Low Can We Go

I watch the VMAs every year for one reason only: to turn into the Hulk and smash up everything in the room. I'm a rock guy - I know what to expect when I watch the Video Music Awards. Every year hip hop further propels the awards into the vortex of idiocy. In our own world exist ideals driven by the ridicule,misogyny, empty vocabulary, incorrect diction and violent,careless, soulless non- message fed to stupid suburban white kids via its bling fiction, gangsta Krap and award shows. I know what you are saying..."There's alot of good hip hop out there, you just have to look for it. " That's my point. We know who we are and where to dig to unearth things we want but the lowest common denominator does not seek culture out. They want it shoved right in front of them, fed to them, sold over and over to them . They want easy access to everything. So they get the shit we saw last night. Fine. Bad examples of what is deemed "music"will always be. What scares me is why they want it. Nobody in this ridiculously large target market learns anything except how to kick it in the club, drive-by your enemy, take stock in fancy rims and an oversized medallion? I don't get it. I thought people listened to music to connect to something...a lyric, a melody, even a beat. What does a 15 year old caucasian kid from a suburb of Cincinnati have in common with 50 Cent.? Where's the fucking connection? Is he envious of the shots to the chest? The ability to mumble incoherently through a slurred rhyme while grabbing his nads? Somebody tell me why SO MANY KIDS ARE SO FUCKING CLUELESS? They have nothing in common with these idols. Nothing! But there are plenty of DIFFERENCES between that kid and Mr. Curtis Jackson.... That kid can form a sentence . That kid knows you can actually settle a difference with some words or fists thown around w/o spraying the room with bullets. That kid better find some music that can change his mind.... Can you tell hip hop is my universal conspiracy theory? Some day I'll connect it to holes in my ozone or bombs on my buses. But for now its just the major cause of the deterioration of our youth. Go out and do something about it damn it.! Give your niece or nephew or little brother a Beatles or Radiohead album.. ...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

If I Could Turn Back Time

All I wanted was a nice little blog site for our Podcast: The Seano and Jefe Show. It seems I've opened up my own can of worms.....HTML, wysiwyg, formatting, in school should have different choices while choosing a foreign language I.E. Spanish, German , French, seems I missed it too late to trade in My five years of Spanish? All I really use it for now is to tell my Co-worker Nestor where to put the ladder. Meanwhile as soon as I go and edit my blog, I'm in a foreign country with no berlitz Guide . I know there's some 10 year old web page designer laughing at me right now.

Yours Truly

I'm really wiped out after Figuring out how to post this photo.