Sunday, March 18, 2012

Conceptual Low Tide

Circle of Fits is a blog I created 4 years ago in hopes of sparking some healing creativity in the wake of my sister's death.  Creativity channeled through the written word in the form of music commentary, social commentary, story telling, list making, bad poetry and plain old complaining about what is missing from me.

The creativity as well as the healing come in fits and spurts, centered around the world of rock music, which in my case, is the only thing that comes close to masquerading as a healing quotient for this wreck of a life since my mid twenties. Glass half full, sure. But you see, I'm clinging to a rough underbelly of healing, that keeps dragging on the ground. Even with the tools that Ive acquired to formulate a game plan of defense and good cerebral draft picks for a strong thought line- up for any subsequent season, I stumble, I get random sniper fire and walk into shrouds of shrapnel that pollute certain corners  And the world of rock, that elixir of sonic meds, just isn't taking.  The conversation I crave using music as a vehicle is all small talk here, it starts and stops here in the dusty space under this URL, and collects as sound bites thrown on the pile of anything but the truth.

I'm just not feelin' it.

Ive "threatened" to take a break before...ohhh five or six times. But I got hit with another cloudy buckshot of bad news yesterday...about someone who was a huge creative influence in my life, and I'm just tapped out.

This doesn't matter right now. Circle of Fits will just hover in the inter-ether until I hitch on to some sort of truer meaning, some real healing and conversation that cannot be found here.

There might be a post tomorrow. There might be a post a year from now.  

See ya, 


Monday, March 05, 2012

Radiohead Phinally comes to Philly!

Radiohead let loose with a slew of new June tour dates.  Everything is in its Right Place!

Maybe your city is on the list, or maybe you'll be filling your Priuses with 4 dollar a gallon gas to get to one of these cities before Thom and co. go hibernating in an English manor basement for the next five years.

Radiohead in June

Jack White Kicks Out the Jams on SNL

Jack White has a solo album coming out in April (weren't they all pretty much solo?)called Blunderbuss.

He turned up up on SNL this weekend to show the last three musical guests how it's done. sent them back to the nerdy blogs from which they came with a two song seminar from Rock 101.

Here's " Sixteen Saltines"  from Saturday night.