Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Show #23 The toys we never got

This episode contained a discussion of the toys Seano and Jefe wished for but never got. I have included some photos of the toys mentioned in this segment.

The first photo is of the Green Machine. One look and you see why run of the mill Big Wheels were for pussies. This was for the rich kids in the hood. My driveway was a quarter mile of loose rocks and it never would have worked there.

These pics are of the Video game system for the lower class families of the suburban 80s, otherwise known as The Odyssey II by magnavox. KC Munchkin was the poor mans Pac Man. In six months after purchase it went into one of our many "barn sales".

The last two pictures are of the 2 Kenner's Star Wars vehicles I really wanted but came up empty. Here are the Millenium Falcon and Boba Fett's personal ship Slave One. I was going to post a pic of my personal ship the Ziplog Bag but I reconsidered.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Imagine 25 years

John Lennon left this mortal coil 25 years ago today. Let us pause and remember what he gave us. Maybe sing one of his songs to yourself today. It will make you feel like you can smile a little, take on a challenge, stand up for what you don't like. We miss him.
I'll always remember being in the library in 7th grade on the morning after in my little suburban junior high. Thats where I heard the news over the school's P.A. And I knew that the musical world had just had a hole punched through it. 25 years later that hole still remains.
These are just some of his songs that mean so much to me...Mother, Come Together, I Want You(shes so heavy), Isolation, Imagine, Cry Baby Cry, Sexy Sadie, Watching the Wheels and I Am The Walrus. Maybe you can make a list of your own today and play them.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Show # 22 : I'm a Pussy

On Show #22 we talked about my experience going to the Cat Fancier's Cat Expo. I saw many strange breeds I'd never seen before. The cats are treated like royalty and travel more than you do. But they still all cough up their own hair and shit in the house.The people that handle the cats and the frumpy hair covered owners of the cats are a show in itself and I observed these characters in depth as I watched the judging. They kept in depth statistics and ran cats back and forth between stages like a good stageparent would. Its their only excercise, really. But I bet they could burn a few calories excessively groooming their pets as well.
I did have a good time though and am including two pictures of my personal newfound favorite breeds, the Abyssinian Cat (top)and the British Shorthair(bottom). The British Shorthair is a cat that looks like you should not fuck with it, sort of a feline equivalent to a bulldog. But they actually just sleep alot.

I still like dogs more.

Show # 21: Rock Hall of Fame Update

The discussion we had about the remarkable reluctance of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to include the likes of Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Sex Pistols and Blondie took place about a week and a half ago. Those four bands finally made the cut this year, and will be inducted in March of 2006. I'm sure those responsible had been listening to the Seano and Jefe, even though the show posted yesterday. Anyway, its the thought that counts.
I'd love to see if Ozzy and John Lydon do indeed show up to the ceremony,though. The two of them could care less as expressed in interviews in recent years on the subject. Its also worth noting that Black Sabbath was inducted into the British Rock and Roll Hall of Fame about two weeks ago and the entire band showed up and performed. Ozzy threw the crowd a good moon as well. His recent facelift made Geezer really look like Geezer.
Miles Davis was inducted this year ??? Although a jazz genius with a groundbreaking fusion period in his repertoire(Bitches Brew, Miles in the Sky)....He never really brought the rock. let the purists argue that one out. Meanwhile Iggy Pop and The Cars are still out in the cold.
I don't really have anything to say about Blondie.