Thursday, December 08, 2005

Imagine 25 years

John Lennon left this mortal coil 25 years ago today. Let us pause and remember what he gave us. Maybe sing one of his songs to yourself today. It will make you feel like you can smile a little, take on a challenge, stand up for what you don't like. We miss him.
I'll always remember being in the library in 7th grade on the morning after in my little suburban junior high. Thats where I heard the news over the school's P.A. And I knew that the musical world had just had a hole punched through it. 25 years later that hole still remains.
These are just some of his songs that mean so much to me...Mother, Come Together, I Want You(shes so heavy), Isolation, Imagine, Cry Baby Cry, Sexy Sadie, Watching the Wheels and I Am The Walrus. Maybe you can make a list of your own today and play them.

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