Saturday, August 18, 2007

Deep in August Wading

Hello all six of you....its been a wild while and one of the most musical summers in my 39 years here. Here is all relative because my here is not your here. But our universe is small and i believe it is completely possible that I may cross paths again with those of you with whom i only shared a passing glance on a blotched out gray tuesday at a Target somewhere as much as it is possible that I may board the Mothership and never see you, my closest friend and confidant,again.

I've reached some personal goals since May. These will now be filed away somewhere between a rolling mass of gray matter behind my eyes and a rollicking crowd of blood cells catching a wave of sangre outward during high tide thru my Pulmonary Artery. These are not life changing goals to me or the lot of when your baby boy strums a guitar for the first time, or brushes his teeth or walks unsteadily down the hall....but they are musical goals. You can call it reunion summer...I saw Ronnie James Dio finally w/Black Sabbath, he's 64 but still sings like a black leather angel....I saw Iggy Pop w/The Stooges finally at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco...the man looks like he does seven thousand sit ups daily. He turned 60 on the night I saw him, did I wanna Be Your Dog like we were a coked up crowd at Max's kansas city in NYC circa 1974., and proceeded to invite everyone up on stage to pogo politically correct with him during " Dirt". I saw The Police in June in Oakland, watched 40 thou plus mesmerized by three fifty plus geezers mastering their instruments and making all of the 40 -sumthin cougars in the audience yearn for their own non existent tantric chops.
I saw Chris Cornell and his band at the Warfield expecting some 40 somethin smoke throated afterburner from the 90s coughing and sputtering thru his legacy and he bedazzled me with his circa 1994 vocal range, and rocked a retrospective that spanned Temple of the Dog thru now. nuff said.
I saw The Smashing Pumpkins twice during their residency at The Fillmore(from here on known as the best place known to man to see a show. )I was Mellon Collilly transported back to 1995 with Billy's current band because he brought the rock so hardcore as well as daily acoustic compositions that shocked us all back into our precious twenties. You all should be so lucky to see ANY fucking show at the lovely Fillmore. I am and have been.

I am 39 years old now, leos fucking unite, yes,yes....and my cosmic rock shell has not disintegrated, no has doubled in protection, projection and power ANDDDD in the eyes of the jackal I say KABOOOOOMMMMMM!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Holy Hudson Is One, Batman!

My Son turned one, his smile makes me come undone, changing a diaper while he moves is fun, chunky thighs but he doesn't weigh a ton.

He knows 64 words as of today, on a good day I don't have that many to say, quite advanced in the verbal way, eats bananas before he plays. From Mom and Dad's hearts he never strays. Its the pretty ladies he'll no doubt slay with his looks and charms of a wide array.

Hudson is now One, hurray.!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Items to be Sacrificed Part 4

Finally, these Furry clogs will never be found, worn or seen again when they are left behind during the next quake. They will be driven into the earth by tons of rubble and found by confused aliens 10000 years from now where they will be used in a curse on rival aliens from a nearby galaxy.

Items to be Sacrificed Part 3

During the next earthquake here, this dirty "cat mama" stuffed animal that acts as a surrogate mother for our "slow" cat will not only be left behind, I'll most likely burn it before we make our escape.

Items to be Sacrificed Part 2

This is item #2 which Pamela must sacrifice when the big one comes...her knee high puke brown knit MukLuks. I'm pretty sure these are the only pair in existence....lets hope and pray.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Earthquake Preparation: Items To Be Sacrificed

We experienced a 4.3 earthquake here in San Fran this past week. It was the first one we truly "felt" since moving here in Oct 2004, as the room moved, bookshelves swayed and cats scattered. We freaked out and realized we are not at all prepared for an earthquake of significant magnitude, and need to get an Earthquake kit together. On The Seano and Jefe Show # 66. I read from a website that lists what should definitely be in your earthquake kit. I also decided to have a little fun and compiled a list of the things I will force Pamela to leave behind. Above in the following posts are pictures of those things discussed in detail on the show along with a brief description.

#1) The "Velvet Car Coat". A hideous long coat that Pamela wears from time to time. It looks like it was made from and old table cloth found in a box from the late 70s at a garage sale. She claims to get compliments about it all of the time.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Reunion Fever

This year will be chock full of Rock and Roll reunions. And the summer tour schedule is ripe with 50-60 year old men who have something yet to prove or just want to cash in. Here's a partial list
1) The Police- Sting gets off his high boring horse to commemorate 30 years in the biz with an appearance at the Grammy Awards this Sunday . I'm sure they will do a medley that will no doubt include Roxanne and Every Breath You Take. I'd love to hear So Lonely and Born in the Fifties. A tour has not been announced but Andy and Stewart need the bread because Sting owns most of the publishing.

2) Van Halen - This is by far the most puzzling reunion because after all these years, we get Diamond Dave on the mic but no Michael Anthony strutting around in an orange jumpsuit thumping the Jack Daniels bass. Eddie shut him out of it all in favor of his fat teenage son Wolfgang. VH fans scratch their heads everywhere. Eddie just smokes another cig thru his cancerous tongue and fingertaps his way to the summer shed prize money. DLR better not try to fit into the fringed white spandex and the cowhide chaps. Hes almost 60.

3) Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio.---Yeah! I love Ozzy, but Dio still has it at age 65! Heaven and Hell it is being called most likely because Sharon got her tits in a tiff. The Mob Rules is one of the most ferocious metal tunes of all time and I cannot wait to hear it live. Mr. Dio will flash his devil horns thru 3 albums worth of material. Dehumanizer anyone?

4) Genesis-This one is not getting as much press as the others and that is most likely because Phil Collins just pissed alot of his fans off by phoning in Disney (s)hits for the last decade. I will most likely not be in attendance because they couldn't get Pete Gabriel to come out of the forest to join the tour. Besides that's too many shiny bald heads on one stage.

5) Speaking of bald heads...Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlain are making an album. Disinterested James Iha and rehabilitated D'arcy are not invited. Lets hope Billy brings the fucking guitars again and leaves Flood and his sequencers at home. He still has the ability to rock many worlds in one place.

Rage against the Machine and Crowded House are reuniting as well. I could not care less. Tom Morello is the most over rated guitarist of all time and I'm all Zach-ed out.

See you in the expensive seats this summer!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Listeners

On my podcast The Seano and Jefe Show ( there have been some changes. Jefe my cohost is gone for a turn in Europe and my wife Pamela has been filling in as temporary co-host. This seems to really bug a few of my long time listeners. One longtime friend and avid listener of the show thought she was" rude and condescending towards me" and couldn't even make it past the first segment. Well, she was but it was sarcastic. Sarcasm is the cornerstone of the show, and Pamela can certainly hold her own.
Another guy, who is a podcaster himself and lives in Europe, actually e-mailed me to "thank me for the heads up" about Pamela's cohosting appearance. You see, a while back he e-mailed me to tell me he didn't like the sound of her voice, and asked me "could I please let him know when she is on so he "doesn't have to listen." After several emails explaining how rude it was for him to do this and giving him the benefit of doubt with his language barrier, we moved on. Then I get this email.
I actually replied asking him why he felt the need to thank me for announcing her appearance, when all the while he was just dissing her. I told him it was better to say nothing than to bring this to the surface again, and asked him if he "learned from his mistake". He did not understand why it was wrong and told me to go fuck myself and "have a nice life". Then he said "REAL podcasters list any changes in personnel on their shows in the show notes.
What is a REAL podcaster? I'm picturing a geek who blogs incessantly about nothing, sucks the dick of technology and rants about his equipment and bad music that he promotes. Some of these people need to ease up, rest their fingers and leave the fucking house(without any recording device). Most people don't know what you do, and frankly, don't care. Within this definition,I am indeed, not a real podcaster. I have a life, a child and really don't feel the need to prattle on about anything and everything I see and hear. I won't be devoting an hour long show to the iPhone , I won't be video blogging just to video blog. I blog when I feel like it, I podcast once every week or two. Most podcasts are listened to by a majority of other podcasters. There's a plethora of congrats, and back patting between many shows. But in reality its just a bunch of ubergeeks who don't leave the house. And with this medium, they can finally break out of their reclusive wired shells and connect with other technorati.,stroking each others wireless mouses, whispering sweet bluetooth text messages to each other by a romantic laptop light.
Most of my listeners are NOT podcasters, and most don't even have ipods. They are just people who enjoy witty banter about the decline of western civilization, like having a laugh at the expense of an insanely stupid musician or celebretard, enjoy sometimes well crafted, well written bits and/or lists, and like hearing us complain.
Back to Pamela now. She's a writer, has been for many years. She can hold her own in any conversation and will disagree wholeheartedly when tempted. In other words , she's got some things in common with Jefe, has contributed to the show in the past, and she's all I have in the co host dept. for the time being. Thank you for caring.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I look at my son in this picture to remind me that the world is a wonderful place and I'm so glad that he is in it.

This is Mars Bar on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. An absolutely fabulous dive. I passed out here once while sitting at the bar after listening to my Black Sabbath songs play on the jukebox. The bartender woke me up and kicked me out. I believe Heineken and ephedrine were involved. I love this pic because this little old black man walked right out into the sun from the bar and set up his chair.
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This is what is left of CBGB's. What an absolute shame. This was taken in late Dec. 2006
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