Sunday, September 24, 2006

Where the Hell Have I Been

Here's your answer...changing diapers, up at 12, 330am, 4am, buying red bull, checking crow's feet, installing new car seats,looking at elephant knees, getting offered a job at SF MOMA and turning it down, checking in on my sister(she's doing better), flying home to go to an Aerosmith concert with my sister, meeting Joe Perry and Steven Tyler, adjusting to new sleep hours every other day(also getting better), watching Hudson change and grow and smile and react to Mom and Dad more every Day,going on vacation to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, killing black widow spiders, losing at slots, feeling really old at the Hard Rock Casino, laughing at the guy from Nickelback, having a transcending experience at Beatles Love: Cirque Du Soleil at the Mirage Hotel and casino, seeing Survivor creator Mark Burnett in the audience, being escorted out of two casino floors with a baby stroller, taking a long road trip back to San Francisco in 100 degree plus driving weather with a baby trapped in his carseat,watching the end of summer roll away like SF fog, readying myself for new seasons of Survivor, Lost and CSI, watching an anti climactic Rockstar Supernova season with the infamous Goth Hobbit taking the frontman prize, Buying 0 cds and seeing 0 movies since Hudson was born, watching new gray hairs creep in and nestle themselves around my ears every day, making 200 friends on myspace whom I will never meet, reading The Devils Teeth( a book about the GW shark watchers on the Farallones islands off the coast of SF), Eragon by Chris Paolini- a young adult novel about a boy and his dragon,Here, There and Everywhere- A memoir by Geoff Emerick : sound engineer for the Beatles, cursing the VMAs, watching my ipod battery fade to nothing, spending quality time with my wife and the Hud thats what I've been doing.