Thursday, May 04, 2006

More Preggo Pics

Here we are in the final month of this journey. My wife is ready,believe me. she's been a real trooper. Here's more photographic evidence of an impending birth.

Happy Anniversary to Seano and Jefe

No, we haven't secretly been married but we have been doing the show for a year, so Happy Anniversary to us! When I look back at what we've done I'm proud. I'd like to Thank Anthony for being the best East Coast producer and for all of his help, Jane for her web page work and suggestions, Jefe for making the trip from Sacramento every week to do the show and most of all my wife Pamela for her guidance, advice and for putting up with everything involved with doing the show from our office in the apartment. Thanks to the audience too, we know some of you are still listening. Seano

Show # 40 : Breastfeeding and Blender

Yes, I finally went to breastfeeding class with my wife and it wasn't that bad. I got to see some video of strange milk filled boobies hanging down to several ladies knees and I took vigorous notes. We learned that initially each feeding lasts 30 or 40 minutes and you have to alternate boobs. No wonder those nips get all cut and chafed. That's a lot of eating! There's a variety of products for women with "problem Boobs" like the nipple shell which turns that inverted nipple frown upside down! Sadly , a woman's breast will return to its former size a short while after breastfeeding starts. You see! I'm an expert now. Although all my life I've been sort of a breast man and this breastfeeding thing is most likely going to slightly alter that . But its the best thing we can do for little Huckle, Straw, Dingle or whatever he or she's name will be.