Thursday, May 04, 2006

Show # 40 : Breastfeeding and Blender

Yes, I finally went to breastfeeding class with my wife and it wasn't that bad. I got to see some video of strange milk filled boobies hanging down to several ladies knees and I took vigorous notes. We learned that initially each feeding lasts 30 or 40 minutes and you have to alternate boobs. No wonder those nips get all cut and chafed. That's a lot of eating! There's a variety of products for women with "problem Boobs" like the nipple shell which turns that inverted nipple frown upside down! Sadly , a woman's breast will return to its former size a short while after breastfeeding starts. You see! I'm an expert now. Although all my life I've been sort of a breast man and this breastfeeding thing is most likely going to slightly alter that . But its the best thing we can do for little Huckle, Straw, Dingle or whatever he or she's name will be.

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