Monday, July 17, 2006


Hello...its been a while. We've been bringing up a baby and blogging really takes a backseat to that. Hudson Finn is changing every day. He has these miraculous little smiles that miraculously wash away everything that might have "clogged your pipes" that day. They sneak up on you during a bottle.They creep out during a post diaper change moment of clarity. Sometimes the corners of his mouth curl up in a smile as the milk rolls down his chin. I hold him facing out in front of a full length mirror and he grins wide eyed as he checks out his own reflection as well as the long haired caveman holding him up. Pamela has been singing quite a bit to him. Old MacDonald, a song called Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, and the occasional chick rock. Don't worry, I slip in my Beatles and Zep. He'll know Zeppelin IV by heart buy the time he's two.

My sister has recently been diagnosed with cancer and she got some good news the other day. She has been an unstoppable force and an inspiration to my daily routine. Her impenetrable determination on the frontlines of her fight along with Pamela and my new life as parents has allowed me to find a miracle or two within every day. I am proud of her and proud to be her big brother. Make sure you take a minute or two to discover a miracle in your life. It will be easier than you think. Take care today.