Friday, April 01, 2016

Top Songs About Fools, Foolishness and Tomfoolery

It's April 1, April Fools day, otherwise known as "bring the assholes out" day.  Good innocent people will be pranked, or bombarded with bad wit and badder jokes all day long. Tears will be shed, coffee will be spit and punches will be thrown. There will be a few arrests, mostly for public nudity or boisterous college like behavior. It's not fun and its not funny, unless you have the peerless wit to pull off your silliness.

I like to stick to music related humor like raving about Kanye's new oft delayed album or championing everything Nicki Minaj has done for empowering women. Here on this blog I'm just gonna list my favorite songs with the word " FOOL" or " FOOLS" or "FOOLISH" or "FOOLED" or "FOOLING" in the title.

Here Goes.... Video attached for the ones I think you should hear.  Be nice out there, jokers.

1) Fools- Van Halen

2) Won't Get Fooled Again- The Who
3) Fooling Yourself- Styx (first appearance of STYX ever on C.O.F.)

4) Fool For the City- Foghat

5) Foolin' -Def Leppard
6) Fooled Around and Fell in Love- Elvin Bishop(but Mickey Thomas sings)

7) Fool For Your Stockings- ZZ Top

8) What a Fool Believes-The Doobie Brothers (everybody do their Michael McDonald impression now)
9) Fool To Cry-Rolling Stones
10) Fool On The Hill- The Beatles
11) Fool in the Rain-Led Zeppelin

12) Fool's Game- Michael Bolton- C'mon 80s!!!

13) Dancin' Fool- Frank Zappa  (the 70s + cocaine + colorful lighted dance floors)
14) Fool For Your Loving- Whitesnake (hair continued)
15) Chain of Fools- Aretha Franklin

16) Everybody Plays the Fool- The Main Ingredient  (watch just for the white shoes and flowered ties)

17) Nobody's Fool- Cinderella (the hairiest)
18) Ship of Fools- The Doors
19) Ship of Fools -The Grateful Dead

20) Fool's Gold- Thin Lizzy  (Irish Fools, second best solo on this list)

21) Lovefool- The Cardigans (one of the most singable 90s one hit wonders)
22) Fools Rush In- Elvis Presley

23) Foolish Heart- Steve Perry  (music to get a wisdom tooth pulled to)

24)The Fool- Camper Van Beethoven
25) Fools- Deep Purple
26) Only a Fool Would Say That- Steely Dan
27) Only A Fool- Black Crowes

28) The Fool, The Meddling Idiot- The Melvins (easily the most difficult song to get through on this list unless you're tunneling through concrete using only a plastic spoon)

29) You Were the Fool- Ween  (you never know with Ween)

30) Fools In Love- Joe Jackson

Thats it. I'm not listing songs by Ashanti, Jewel or Debbie Gibson.  That would be foolish.