Saturday, August 18, 2007

Deep in August Wading

Hello all six of you....its been a wild while and one of the most musical summers in my 39 years here. Here is all relative because my here is not your here. But our universe is small and i believe it is completely possible that I may cross paths again with those of you with whom i only shared a passing glance on a blotched out gray tuesday at a Target somewhere as much as it is possible that I may board the Mothership and never see you, my closest friend and confidant,again.

I've reached some personal goals since May. These will now be filed away somewhere between a rolling mass of gray matter behind my eyes and a rollicking crowd of blood cells catching a wave of sangre outward during high tide thru my Pulmonary Artery. These are not life changing goals to me or the lot of when your baby boy strums a guitar for the first time, or brushes his teeth or walks unsteadily down the hall....but they are musical goals. You can call it reunion summer...I saw Ronnie James Dio finally w/Black Sabbath, he's 64 but still sings like a black leather angel....I saw Iggy Pop w/The Stooges finally at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco...the man looks like he does seven thousand sit ups daily. He turned 60 on the night I saw him, did I wanna Be Your Dog like we were a coked up crowd at Max's kansas city in NYC circa 1974., and proceeded to invite everyone up on stage to pogo politically correct with him during " Dirt". I saw The Police in June in Oakland, watched 40 thou plus mesmerized by three fifty plus geezers mastering their instruments and making all of the 40 -sumthin cougars in the audience yearn for their own non existent tantric chops.
I saw Chris Cornell and his band at the Warfield expecting some 40 somethin smoke throated afterburner from the 90s coughing and sputtering thru his legacy and he bedazzled me with his circa 1994 vocal range, and rocked a retrospective that spanned Temple of the Dog thru now. nuff said.
I saw The Smashing Pumpkins twice during their residency at The Fillmore(from here on known as the best place known to man to see a show. )I was Mellon Collilly transported back to 1995 with Billy's current band because he brought the rock so hardcore as well as daily acoustic compositions that shocked us all back into our precious twenties. You all should be so lucky to see ANY fucking show at the lovely Fillmore. I am and have been.

I am 39 years old now, leos fucking unite, yes,yes....and my cosmic rock shell has not disintegrated, no has doubled in protection, projection and power ANDDDD in the eyes of the jackal I say KABOOOOOMMMMMM!