Saturday, October 22, 2005

Monday, October 17, 2005

This Is Austin City Limits 2005

This set of pics include me and Iced Tea, Thongtastic Man, My Wifes Dirty Foot and a random Sunset.

More Pics from Austin

These pics include one from Spoon's set, White Trash Hippies, An Austin moontower and Roky Ericsons first public show in twenty or so years.

Austin City Limits Festival Photos 2005

Emo's on 6th St.,Birth control on the dirty ground,Zilker park and the two of us.

These are photos from the festival. My six year old digital camera is shitting the bed, so the pics are a bit "off".

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Seano and Jefe show # 17

We had a segment called The top 3 Catch Phrases we can't stand. I came up with : #1) You're Fired #2) My Boo and #3) "Know what I'm sayin' ?"
Jefe's top three were #1) She's a diva #2) I don't care what anyone thinks and #3) My Bad. We went into our reasons for the intense hatred for these sayings on the show. If you have any to add, please put a comment here and we may mention it in a future episode. By the way, I did lend Jefe three Bob Dylan albums and now he can't get enough of the guy. Its still hard to believe he went so long w/o any appreciation for him. Jefe's not normally known for suprising me, but this time he did.
Look for some pics from the Austin City Limits Festival 2005 here soon.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Back For More

We've been back from Austin City Limits for a week and I have not updated because blogging is hard. The weekend was hot ..103 degrees on average and the hurricane rain never came..(that sounds like lyrics from a country song. I took along jefe's iriver and recorded entire sets of all the bands I wanted to see. Wilco..outstanding as always, The Drive By Truckers-rocked steady, Steve Earle really friggin impressed me.Built to Spill were super. Robert Randolph and the Family Band kept us going. Black crowes were late and we were tired. Allman Bros. are still chugging along with one brother, but Derek Trucks may be just as good or a better slide player than Duane Allman. A couple of new bands(new to me anyway) got my attention as well...Mofro(swampy blues rock from Florida) Aqualung(from the UK), The Frames(from Ireland) and Grady(great heavy blues from Gordie Johnson and Chris Layton who was in Double Trouble with SRV).
I missed out( on purpose) sets from The Arcade Fire, Death Cab For Cutie, and The Fiery Furnaces...I'm not cool enough to be that indie anymore. Besides, we were in Texas. I wanted to hear some rock and blues, damnit! All in all despite the heat and dust bowl atmosphere, it was a smoothly run festival that never felt crowded.Very few great bands overlapped and water was plentiful for only 2 bucks. We would surely go back. I saw at least 3 girls wearing high heels and one midget as well.