Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Seano and Jefe show # 17

We had a segment called The top 3 Catch Phrases we can't stand. I came up with : #1) You're Fired #2) My Boo and #3) "Know what I'm sayin' ?"
Jefe's top three were #1) She's a diva #2) I don't care what anyone thinks and #3) My Bad. We went into our reasons for the intense hatred for these sayings on the show. If you have any to add, please put a comment here and we may mention it in a future episode. By the way, I did lend Jefe three Bob Dylan albums and now he can't get enough of the guy. Its still hard to believe he went so long w/o any appreciation for him. Jefe's not normally known for suprising me, but this time he did.
Look for some pics from the Austin City Limits Festival 2005 here soon.

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