Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Listeners

On my podcast The Seano and Jefe Show (seanoandjefe.com) there have been some changes. Jefe my cohost is gone for a turn in Europe and my wife Pamela has been filling in as temporary co-host. This seems to really bug a few of my long time listeners. One longtime friend and avid listener of the show thought she was" rude and condescending towards me" and couldn't even make it past the first segment. Well, she was but it was sarcastic. Sarcasm is the cornerstone of the show, and Pamela can certainly hold her own.
Another guy, who is a podcaster himself and lives in Europe, actually e-mailed me to "thank me for the heads up" about Pamela's cohosting appearance. You see, a while back he e-mailed me to tell me he didn't like the sound of her voice, and asked me "could I please let him know when she is on so he "doesn't have to listen." After several emails explaining how rude it was for him to do this and giving him the benefit of doubt with his language barrier, we moved on. Then I get this email.
I actually replied asking him why he felt the need to thank me for announcing her appearance, when all the while he was just dissing her. I told him it was better to say nothing than to bring this to the surface again, and asked him if he "learned from his mistake". He did not understand why it was wrong and told me to go fuck myself and "have a nice life". Then he said "REAL podcasters list any changes in personnel on their shows in the show notes.
What is a REAL podcaster? I'm picturing a geek who blogs incessantly about nothing, sucks the dick of technology and rants about his equipment and bad music that he promotes. Some of these people need to ease up, rest their fingers and leave the fucking house(without any recording device). Most people don't know what you do, and frankly, don't care. Within this definition,I am indeed, not a real podcaster. I have a life, a child and really don't feel the need to prattle on about anything and everything I see and hear. I won't be devoting an hour long show to the iPhone , I won't be video blogging just to video blog. I blog when I feel like it, I podcast once every week or two. Most podcasts are listened to by a majority of other podcasters. There's a plethora of congrats, and back patting between many shows. But in reality its just a bunch of ubergeeks who don't leave the house. And with this medium, they can finally break out of their reclusive wired shells and connect with other technorati.,stroking each others wireless mouses, whispering sweet bluetooth text messages to each other by a romantic laptop light.
Most of my listeners are NOT podcasters, and most don't even have ipods. They are just people who enjoy witty banter about the decline of western civilization, like having a laugh at the expense of an insanely stupid musician or celebretard, enjoy sometimes well crafted, well written bits and/or lists, and like hearing us complain.
Back to Pamela now. She's a writer, has been for many years. She can hold her own in any conversation and will disagree wholeheartedly when tempted. In other words , she's got some things in common with Jefe, has contributed to the show in the past, and she's all I have in the co host dept. for the time being. Thank you for caring.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I look at my son in this picture to remind me that the world is a wonderful place and I'm so glad that he is in it.

This is Mars Bar on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. An absolutely fabulous dive. I passed out here once while sitting at the bar after listening to my Black Sabbath songs play on the jukebox. The bartender woke me up and kicked me out. I believe Heineken and ephedrine were involved. I love this pic because this little old black man walked right out into the sun from the bar and set up his chair.
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This is what is left of CBGB's. What an absolute shame. This was taken in late Dec. 2006
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