Sunday, May 31, 2009

'Scuse Me While I Hit This Guy

Another book, another allegation. This time it surrounds the death of Jimi Hendrix:

Rock legend Jimi Hendrix was murdered by his manager as part of an insurance scam, a new book by one of former aides claims.

Hendrix choked to death on his own vomit when he was 27 – but the exact circumstances of his death have always been a mystery.

Now James ‘Tappy’ Wright, one of the rock star’s roadies, claims that Hendrix’s manager, Michael Jeffery, confessed to killing him. Jeffery is said to have made a drunken confession a year after the star’s death in September 1970.

An ambulance crew found Hendrix’s body in the Samarkand Hotel in West London, in the room of Monika Dannemann, a girl he had known for just a few days.

Wright claims Jeffery was worried that Hendrix was preparing to find a new manager when their deal was due to end in December 1970. According to Wright, Jeffery said he went to the hotel room and stuffed Hendrix full of pills and wine.

The book, called Rock Roadie, out next month, recalls Wright’s life with various rock stars during the Sixties, including Tina Turner and Elvis Presley.

In it, Wright claims Jeffery, who was married to actress Gillian French, made the confession at his apartment in 1971, two years before he died in a plane crash.

He writes: ‘I can still hear that conversation, see the man I’d known for so much of my life, his face pale, hand clutching at his glass in sudden rage.’

He says Jeffery told him: ‘I had to do it, Tappy. You understand, don’t you? I had to do it. You know damn well what I’m talking about.’

He quotes Jeffery as saying: ‘I was in London the night of Jimi’s death and together with some old friends ...we went round to Monika’s hotel room, got a handful of pills and stuffed them into his mouth ...then poured a few bottles of red wine deep into his windpipe.

‘I had to do it. Jimi was worth much more to me dead than alive. That son of a bitch was going to leave me. If I lost him, I’d lose everything.’

I've never heard of Tappy Wright and neither have you. In fact, most of the books that involve conspiracy theories and the mysterious death of rock stars are written by hangers-on, fourth tier band personnel and groupies who cleaned up and found God.

Most of these people failed to find work other than fry cook or secretary once their roadie or groupie priveledges dried up 30 years ago. They have been living off of the hazy fumes of a one night stand or a shared toot in a bathroom stall with__________________(enter rock star name here) for decades. So out of a story that has been passed down over many years and many beers comes a BOOK! With revelations! Jim Morrison was a heroin addict! Kurt Cobain would have been too high to handle a shotgun! Elvis is the owner of a car dealership in Kentucky! Michael Hutchence was jerking off!

We've heard them all. I shut them off. The mystery is in the music and will remain there for me.....At least now you can wait for the Book on Tape, illegally download it and have a laugh...rather than line the pockets of a has been/never was straggler from a rock circle that broke apart 4 decades ago....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Long List of Summer Songs

Tonight, having realized that "Summer" doesn't officially start until the 21st of June...
Yet knowing that the TV season is over, Popcorn movies have already grossed a half a billion dollars, and caps/gowns/tuxes/crowns/bimbos in limos are all over the place...I'm calling it Summer...right now. Like it or not, OK. I just used a weed wacker in my yard and there's grass stains blotching my Pumas. That can ONLY happen in the summer.

So I'm compiling a list of my most memorable summer songs here tonight. These don't necessarily have to have the word "Summer" in the title...or in the lyrics. These are songs I put on mix tapes in the late 80s while the Junebugs crowded up tree branches in the yard outside my window....these are songs in my head while the winds of suburbia whipped my hair around as I snuck my dad's Pontiac Convertible out for a forbidden spin in my teens.....these are songs in an early MP3 songlist heating up my ears on a Hot August Night on the lower east side in 2001...these are songs on a cassette stretched out with tape hiss and sung out bliss on constant auto reverse in my walkman on the last day of 8th grade..... You get the idea.

Here Goes...

1) Land Ho!- The Doors - Morrison Hotel
2) Hissing Of Summer Lawns- Joni Mitchell- Hissing Of Summer Lawns
3) Sun King -The Beatles - Abbey Road
4) Fall On Me- REM - Life's Rich Pageant
5) Fourth Of July- Soundgarden- Superunknown
6) Get It Hot - AC/DC - Highway to Hell
7) Reminiscing- Little River Band
8) You Don't Have To Cry- CSN - Crosby, Stills and Nash
9) Rearviewmirror- Pearl Jam - Vs.
10) Hummingbird- Wilco - A Ghost is Born
11) Since You're Gone- The Cars - Shake it Up
12) Haitian Divorce- Steely Dan- Katy Lied
13) Wiser Time- Black Crowes- The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
14) Tonight- Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard of Oz
15) In My Room- The Beach Boys
16) Swamp Music- Lynyrd Skynyrd- Second Helping
17) Down By The Seaside- Led Zeppelin- Physical Graffiti
18) The Full Bug- Van Halen - Diver Down
19) Back Of A Car- Big Star - Radio City
20) Blue Sky- The Allman Bros.- Eat A Peach
21) Sunday Sun- Beck - Sea Change
22) Sara- Fleetwood Mac - Tusk
23) Evil- Cactus
24) Love Removal Machine- The Cult - Electric
25) Hitch A Ride- Boston - Boston
26) I Am Yours- Derek And The Dominoes - Layla
27) Even The Losers- Tom Petty
28) Feel Good Hit Of The Summer- Queens Of The Stone Age - Rated R
29) My Michelle- Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction
30) Eyes Of The World- Grateful Dead - Wake Of The Flood
31) King Of Pain -The Police - Synchronicity
32) Destination Diamonds- Diamond Nights - Popsicle
33) Summertime Rolls- Janes Addiction - Nothing's Shocking
34) You Give Me All I Need- The Scorpions- Blackout
35) Red Barchetta -Rush - Moving Pictures
36) Undercover Angel- Allan O' Day
37) Kiss- Prince
38) Supernaut- Black Sabbath - Sabotage
39) Tupelo Honey- Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey
40) Family Affair- Sly and The Family Stone

Ahhhh...memories....of dusty cassettes in a case next to me in a Mazda Truck,, a black maverick with a wide back seat, the sound of crickets from a rooftop, a NYC Blackout, the smell of kind bud in a Dead Show Parking Lot, watching the tubers from the back seat of a boat, hiking in Mount Tam(SF) with Pam, Playing Acoustic with my Band at the Park Ave. Fest, Riding the tractor with a Walkman on, The Festival Tent in Rochester, NY (RIP), a Summer Caverns Party(guess you had to be there), driving back home from Yakima, Wa to Rochester(every state had a theme song)......and on and on....

Do You Have A List? Or am I just writing this for my health?

Lets see those lists! LYMI, Seano

Monday, May 25, 2009

Jay Bennett .. RIP

I just read that Jay Bennett, former member of Wilco, died in his sleep at age 45. Jay was a huge part of the Being There, Summerteeth and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot albums as a co-writer, multi instrumentalist and all around studio wizard.

Jay was asked to leave the band after YHF was released on the heels of a power struggle between he and Jeff Tweedy, stemming from a slew of production and mixdown decisions for the sessions.

This struggle can be seen in all of its head turning glory in the documentary "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart", which follows the recording,shelving and re release of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

The strangest part of this sad news is that it comes mere weeks after Jay Bennett filed suit against Jeff Tweedy for breach of contract with claims of underpaid royalties for the albums which he was involved with.

Bennett was no slouch, but did let his prowess and perfectionism get the best of is a link to a list of his credits on the tracks from YHF..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Will Save Rock and Roll

I came across a great article on titled "What Will Save Rock And Roll". Its a great read with an in depth perspective from none other than one of Rock's biggest supporters Little Steven Van Zandt.

Here is the link.

I would add one of my own reasons that Rock doesn't get the attention that it used to...why labels don't spend as much on artist development, etc. I believe that because of the onslaught of speedy technology over the last decade..high speed internet,texting,cell phones, music videos/video games with quick edits and iTunes...the attention span of the average 12-25 year old has dwindled down to a fraction of what it was years ago.

The near instant gratification that comes with these technologies puts EASE at the front of the creating/listening experience and APPRECIATION at the rear.

We collect songs/files...we rarely set time aside or don't want to listen to entire albums, we expect speed, we become lazy. We no longer have to leave the house to get what we want, therefore the root of discovery is lost. This is why record stores are shutting down, this is why anyone with a laptop, and software with samples thinks they are a musician, this is why such a lower percentage of people seek out or care about those artists who "take pride in their craft." This is why live music is not as important to the average young fan as it once was.

I would like to say I have an answer to the question, but I don't.

Rock and Roll is "on the rise" or "returning to the charts" every other year. ,The predictions have been endless and the buzz bands whom the press label at its savior usually end up plateauing after their sophomore slump. Rock is still are buying drum sets and learning about our musical gods and influences from video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. But I don't think it will ever be the driving influential musical force again as it was from '67-'93...Too much pressure to watch Reality TV while gaming and texting simultaneously. Kids won't ever know how to slow down and read the liner notes...or pull out the ear buds and hit the garage with their Epiphones like they used to. In truth it will never die..It has gone underground or lost some of its luster or sold exclusively at Best Buy, but it will never die.

And all of those kids who stumble across my blog while surfing the net and stopping at a new website every five minutes...will most likely fail to read the whole to click the link and read the whole article and fail to learn anything OLD about rock and roll. Oh well....we'll keep trying. If we reach one new tween and turn him on to Never Mind The Bollocks or Blonde on Blonde or Let There Be Rock or London Calling or Kid A or will all be worth it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Worst Heavy Metal Album Covers Of All Time

For Monday, I feel lazy and am going to piggy back on to an article I found displaying the Worst Heavy Metal Album Covers Of All Time....for the life of me I cannot get it to hyperlink in blogger.....The URL is : it and paste it into your URL box...its worth checking out.....!

Manowar are sadly missed! So how did the guitars not slip right off of their bodies with all of that baby oil applied.....

Triumph- Allied Forces is a very sentimental album to me, but yeah, it is too pointy.

Cattle Decapitation's Humanure cover could not be more disturbung.

I'll add a few of my own now:

What lady wouldn't love a Crotch Sawblade...a codpiece of weaponry, so S.E.X.Y. oh W.A.S.P., gotta love ya!

What exactly does Balls To The Wall mean? Is it a gay bathroom game? And why is some hairy man clad in leather skivvies while clutching a mysterious spherical object on my album cover?
Apparently, Accept could neither ask or answer these questions.

Besides having the worst hair in Metal this side of Bret Michaels, Don Dokken has the worst songs, the worst outfits and the worst album covers...Here he's just sitting back, in a pleather vest and shades, ready to break those chains just as soon as the right sharpie power cord comes along... and run out onto that state fair stage and belt one out for all the leather clad cougars, Donny!

I'm speechless....aren't you?

Send your comments and choices my way...we'll put our horns DOWN together....Happy Monday!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Yuto Rocks Ozzy

Another cute Asian kid who happens to be a prodigy....His guitar is taller than he is and he can't sing a lick yet....but I'll give him a break because he's only 8. Hero worship live at the end!

Bang Camaro plays in NYC at the Blender Theater tonight and tomorrow in Sayreville, NJ at the Starland Ballroom.....both nights opening for Monster Magnet......horns up!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Top 5 Albums That Took A While To Grow On Me

I have not done a killer Top 5 in a while, and after I get this one out...I might be saying the same thing. But let's go for it.

The title is simple...these are the top 5 albums that took a while to grow on me...that ended up worthy of placement on my list of personal favorites. The list is complete with explanations and those trailing tangents that sometimes get a hold of me. Chillax and attack, my brothers and sisters...

1)Exile On Main Street- Rolling Stones: I used to see this album lying around my Dad's collection as a kid...never touched it. I came around to the Stones in Jr. High...but only grazing the catalog with Sticky Fingers and Tattoo You. Even later when I became a super Stones fanatic during my drinking 20s..deeply ensconced in their classic 68-72 phase..I lightly grazed Exile....but some lonely soused evening in a Rochester apartment...I put it on and felt completely transported to a dingy French basement, belly deep in smoke, slinky sax and debauchery. with tracks like All Down the Line,Loving Cup or Just Want to See His Face...wanting to blitz through the bars and nod out at the same time...and I realized the magnetic depth of the blues like never before. Now its like a fungus, man. It just keeps growing on me, pulling me back to where I need to be sometimes.....

2)Yankee Hotel Foxtrot- Wilco: This album was my first REAL intro to Tweedy and Co. I had the A.M. Cassette for years and for some reason, it wasn't in heavy rotation. But after a couple hundred spins while painting vacant rooms the beauty of the flow of songs like Jesus, Etc. and Ashes of American Flags pulled me into the realm of this mysterious band of merry risk takers. I could have my classic rock and indie whistles wet with Wilco(say that 3 times fast) and the romance was born.

3)Tonight's the Night- Neil Young...I'd like to start by saying this is my favorite Neil Young album. It is not an easy listen at all..Neil doesn't even like any good Neil Young fan, I was floored by Harvest and After The Gold Rush right away...this album was recorded right after longtime band member and close friend Danny Whitten died of an overdose...and Neil slurs his way through most of it in spilled out despair like a drunk story teller..the piano is slightly off and spooky,guitars slide in and out of tune, the mics are close and the room is dry. But songs like Speakin' Out, Mellow My Mind and Lookout Joe really grabbed me and shook me either into or out of a slump..depending on what was needed at the time. The two standouts for me are the harrowing road song masterpiece Albuquerque and the winter-y crush of Borrowed Tune...a song that hollows me out and paralyzes me to this day..complete with a melody stolen from Lady Jane by the Stones.

4)In Rainbows- Radiohead... Mucho discussiono about this album here, so I'll keep it brief. In my mind, I knew they could not top OK Computer or Kid A...I just felt that the peak had been reached and we were still along for the ride but it would be a short one..this affected the way I listened to In shorted my patience, it erupted my judgement.....but then I let go after the marinating was complete and just fell into the beauty of Weird Fishes, 15 Step, Videotape and the absolute classic House of Cards...which took many listens and the accompaniment of a change of seasons...

5) Mastodon- Crack The Skye: This is Mastodon's new album...I have everything they've ever done, maybe in a forced attempt to grasp on to "modern metal". But I wasn't attached to any of it because of the relentless drum fills and the slightly above Cookie Monster type vocals....but this album is ssssssssssllloooooowwwlyyyy growing on me....three part harmonies! Melodic vocals that are sung!, epic riffage! Drums that slay but do not distract.! Songs about failed time travel, Rasputin and Oblivion! What a welcome change of pace for this Atlanta foursome...all masters of their instruments....I think I'm totally on board now, yes. I'm gonna go get the t-shirt before you know it!

So there's five for you....I expect to see your lists before the weekend hits...I'm not getting enough comments here and I'm getting grumpy about it. Lots of silent readers....I'm coming after you with cyber hugs and kisses, now ante up!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Think I'm Going To Be Sick

I found this article lying around in the bowels of the appears Yoko has outdone herself.

One of the last things visitors will see when “John Lennon: The New York City Years” opens to the general public Tuesday (May 12th) at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex in Manhattan almost didn’t make the exhibit, which was curated by Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, and Jim Henke from the Rock Hall. It is perhaps the most striking of the items that will be on display through late fall.

It’s a small canvas bag from New York’s St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, and it’s wrapped in plastic. It contains the clothing Lennon was wearing the night he was murdered, and Ono says she thought long and hard before making the bag the exhibit’s parting shot. The message the bag — and a photo Ono snapped of Lennon’s blood-soaked glasses — sends about gun violence was too powerful to keep private. The message, that more than 932,000 people have died as a result of gun violence since her husband’s murder, was “important for people to see that, and for people to understand what violence is about.”

Ono, dressed in a pin-stripped blazer, shades and a white hat, spoke during a press conference today, and says initially, she figured she “would be criticized” for including the bag, labeled “Patient’s Belongings,” as part of an exhibit celebrating Lennon’s love of the Big Apple, and its influence on his art, his life, and ultimately, his death.

“John loved New York City. When he came here, he felt it was his home, and this is a thorough representation of John’s life in New York,” Ono told reporters of the exhibit, adding that she’s sure Lennon was lonely at times, as he was the only one of the Beatles who resided in Manhattan. “He was head over heels in love with this city, and when you’re in love, you forget you had a past.”

The exhibit features a number of items from the Rock Hall Museum, as well as a museum in Japan. Other items, Ono confessed, came from her closet. Among the treasures on display, fans will find Lennon’s iconic “New York City” muscle shirt (stains and all), a number of collages, self-portraits (including one of Lennon’s as the Statue of Liberty), and handwritten lyrics to songs like “Working Class Hero,” “God” and “Woman is the Nigger of the World,” some scribbled on recording studio and hotel stationary. There’s also the Fender Telecaster Lennon played on stage with Elton John at Madison Square Garden in 1974, rare video footage of Lennon and Ono in New York, and the couple’s official declaration of Nutopia: The Country of Peace.

The exhibit also chronicles Lennon’s fight against deportation, with his green card, his visa, and letters of support from the likes of Dick Clark and Joan Baez.

Ono says the exhibit is the first of its kind, and for those who swing by to take it all in, Yoko has included something to ensure it’s like no other exhibit you’ve experienced. A white phone is affixed to the wall, and the card next to it reads, “A Phone For Peace.” The simple instructions? “When the phone rings, pick it up.” Ono said she’ll be calling the phone, “only when I remember,” to deliver a message of peace to whoever answers, she says.

Great....We get to be reminded about John's murder AGAIN...this time for REAL and as a part of a MUSEUM exhibit....a bag of the clothes he was wearing on that fateful December Night in 1980..and a pic of his bloody glasses("bloody" meaning bloodstained and not my halfhearted attempt at sounding British)....on a pedestal for the downtown Manhattan tourists to gawk at.

I'm sure Yoko thinks this is ART in some way even though she's sending a message...This is a woman who displayed ladders leading to nowhere, right. Art is everywhere, right???

Why not put his autopsy photos up for the next retrospective, Ms. ONO....Jesus H. Christ...can't we just listen to Plastic Ono Band or Sgt. Peppers...or visit Strawberry Fields in Central Park....? Would that be enough?

I doubt any of those close to being post office killers or Columbine wannabees will ever learn anything from a bloody bag of John's clothes..other than the fact that Ms. Ono is insane.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

Today I am home with a sick little boy who does his best to make sure all of the vomit he launches lands squarely on's like a walking GG Allin show in my house...lots of flying bodily fluids and swearing.

I'm going to fill today's post with an entertaining spray of verbal vomit of the musical kind....a potpourri of the shit that's going down.

First and foremost...I was recently named one of the east coast concert reviewers for a website called, and had the pleasure of attending and reviewing 2 shows for them last week. From the completely opposite ends of the spectrum of the rock rainbow...Mastodon and Sum 41 were the shows I checked out last week. Quite a jump there...from the mall to metal middle earth.... While I am new to the site...I have been reviewing for quite some time. Most everything that comes out of my mouth is an opinionated mess of anti-anything- not -rock that most passersby would think is a mad rant from a streetperson, and for those that know me, could be considered a "review" buried under all of that bitching...But my two rock critic idols Lester Bangs and Richard Meltzer bitched their way to the top so why can't I? I will not be posting the reviews here...but you can follow any link I may or may not leave for you.

The new Wilco Album art has been released..I am sort of speechless..camels and cake and nobody came to the party. Is the camel a symbol of "a musical well that never runs dry"? And do the empty chairs make you think of busy rockers who couldn't make it to their own festivities? Only the Tweedy Knows...Album out June 30th on Nonesuch.

If I see one more article in one more monthly glossy about the genius of new quirky alternative folk goddess Bat For Lashes...I'm going to pull mine out one by one after setting them on fire.....what the world doesn't need is "Bjork" acoustic. Johanna Newsom was enough. I'm glad to have her, but, like Michael Jordan,CBGB and Black Necco wafers... there can only be one. Quirk is the new black. Enough already. Write a song we can sing and lose the Rainbow Brite eyeliner...stat.

I recently saw the rockumentary Anvil! The Story of Anvil(an extremely influential first wave metal band that never made it) that seems to be doused heavily in hype these days.....if you are a musician, were a musician or are thinking about following your dream of being a rock star...YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE...It is a sobering, and extremely heartfelt account of a band that should have had it all, but ended up with NIL...and still wants to rock. The dream can tear apart friends and families, but the love of music and performing really saved the souls of these two guys (Steve "Lips" Kudlow -guitar, vox and Robb Reiner-drums).

This is news in the Believe It When I See It dept...from back in late March( WTF, I was on tour!!) Neil Young is finally putting out a long-awaited box set of his first 10 years, from some 1963 live sets through material for his 1972 classic, “Harvest,” and on to his 1973 film, “Journey into the Past.” In typical drily humorous Young fashion, the 10-disc set is called “Archives, Vol. 1.” (One can only imagine that a complete Young overview will be like one of those 150-CD sets compiling everything Bach ever wrote.)

Young can be notoriously — and justifiably — fussy about his recordings, paying strict attention to sound quality, microphone selection and basic “feel.” So it’s a real treat that this box set is finally seeing the light of day, particularly given what’s sure to be some exciting work: the years with Buffalo Springfield, the early material with Crazy Horse, perhaps even those Mynah Birds records with Rick James.

The box set comes out June 2, and is being released in three forms: an 8-CD box, a 10-DVD box, and a 10-disc box on Blu-ray DVD. The man is nothing if not accommodating.

I've heard or read a press release like this for the last 5 years....I will continue to hold my breath..........happy Monday!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Love to Love You Baby

I love Courtney Love....her music, not so much although I thought America's Sweetheart was pretty good. I also Liked the album that Kurt Cobain wrote for her, I think it was called Live through This. Lately she's more famous for her internet rambling/beautiful babble that goes from non sequitirs sprinkled with a shorthand indecipherable rave about nobody you know to just plain hate speak and legalese.

She's gifted somewhere in there...or at least entertaining or certifiable..

Try this one on for size found recently on The Velvet Rope website..its a long read, but you'll feel either buzzed, gacked or hungover after reading it. Or just scratchin' yer noggin.

"well i shpuldbe asleep
went to Booksoup and grabbed alot of books long gone ... imhaving abnned from ebay moment cos i tried to pretend iwas imna french flea ,arket and bought some french flea market things ( oooh they love thier ytiaras and crowns ebay store PARIS COUTURE is nuts shes a little spendy but has exquisute taste in crowns, its like a Catholic thing have you seen the boots Panos designed for Givenchy ? M..< Christ ugh igh ugh Mandy Moore ick the thoufghg of her sticking her toungue downthat filthy hatch...i might as well go watch "Hostelle" ill feel better), ick, dirty sheets, ick no toothbrush, smelly ass, ick i LOATHE that guy, ivehad my fair share of fights with artists, i mean Kathleen :Black Card" Horowitz OOPS did i tell a big secret? you mean ypou didmnt KNPW she had a HUGE bunch of property? a Centurion card and summers in the Hamptons? oops...well lets just pretend shes Julie ruin, listen man if you just khanded 90,000 people thier asses and were good anough to respecdt your elders and letthem have ab opening slot on an old alt tour, and they were so rude they put that witch on mystage THERE IS NO STRONGER DRUG THAN ADRENILINE and fucking a i know that, ive been like the mother who can lift up three cars to get my child from out undert for years , ussuaully around this time at night ,morning too. and your all sweaty and adrenilised, and smarky snarky says the nastiest thing to you and throws CANDY in yoruface youd giveher one in theface.

People i would hit if i saw them

Lynn Hirschberg

Ryan Adams

thats really it,. i cantthink of anyone i truly hate except gross small cocked disgys=usting Barber and all the cpas, and lawyers, hitthem? Nope i got me alwyer and hes a MOTHERFUCKER , its a good thing too cos i have a book called 1001 books to read before you die, and i couldnt take a life but uc ould easily geta gun from walmart and knee say Azoff in front of his family for "owning" "Dollhead" publishing or Collatorising Billions in property with Kurts Estate, am looking at a 70k BMI check ti me that went two weeks ago to Feldstien only at 10100 santa monica i 411d all the businesses there, and none exist, oi. Moises Cobain? whats next ? Yahweh? herbert?

anyway other than the very simple factthat [laying power pop with Billy Joe was the social highlight of my month, no one half hour at Cochella with Eli that Basterd was really real;ly fun too, je adore, im basically dealing with 20 years of shit that HASNT been stoeln bveing dumped in this house at one time, i mean a shoe here a tiara there, itrs like an Oprah clutter person but its all exquisute clutter,

theres no junque the sheets are all Frette or Pratesi and the "shit" is all cool,

the books i got today were alot of Logadadaphile type booksm Rustynuts@twitter * Russell Brand) my sweet boy has got me thinking of writing a book, i mean a really simple book no kiss and tell, i dont do that, but just the truth, i read a first draft if teh script and well, If Jim Brooks and Cameron Crowe tell youebnought imes youyrtehbest writer in town and then you were THERE shouldnbt i be writing my own shit, he has me cutting picsa of skinny models outof magazines? HUH? i wrote PORN FROM THE &)S ESP BONDAGE< BIG BUSHES w SHAKESPEARE QUOTES. im really excellent at music cues i think Camerons better and QTs no slouch, i wonder what it would be like to direct, to be honest id have to be so in love with someone to direct them and Gwyneth Kate Paltrow Martin is the onl;y person i can think of whose got seriously great chops and i could sustain 18 monthsof my life staring at her on an Avid,

well its a LONG ASSED way off, Theres a new book By Roja Dove the British "nose" on Perfume, so let me explain i am obsessed, seriously i love CB ihate perfume, i love the history of perfume, i love reading about Voil de Nuit and wondering what that smelled like or Emmmaruade before they took the ingrediants and made them shit, i lvoe remmebering seeing ambergris just some whale puke for cuttle fish and squid beaks on the water in Florence Ore, and wondering what civet really smells like i love layering posionous perfumes, Chris Borius has to make me some Daphne ots all enfluerage as it only grows a few weeks a year ina shrub, Enfluerage is the pld school way where one covers the glass with tallow and a thin layer of fat , the women and men in Grasse mostly get up at 3am and they pick Jasmine like hell, cos as the sun comes up the oil dries, and they throw it on the huge vat of glass trays and close thvat for 3 days then they do it again and again and again,

the nwehnthefat is so saturated, its called Pommade, and they take alchol to seperate the oil from the fat, then heat that, so thats all thats left is the dram of Jasmine - in sf years ago my friend maries dad wqasa smugller oh btw theres some insane russian person selling old old maniacaally cheap emeralds and rosecut victroian diamonds 20 cts and 40 cts and shit pon ebya Jewelry 4 Less. its flawed., and youre NOT?

the rings arent so great butits like someone took aparta taj majhal of victorian mine diamonds, and made massive rubies and chanbdelier dianonds out of them for dammed cheap, anyway, Maries dad smu=gkled diamonds Rubies Animals Gold Ingots and nothing was ever this preciosu than this test tube of Jasmine, if your a "Nose" you have to learn about 3000 scents in yoyurhead to recall and the Jasmine enfluertage has over 3000 ionides - adelydes just in it, so you can callin tehsharper part of the duller part or the golden shimmering part and build it on narcissus and heliotrope wich is no longer enflueraged wich of course makes me mad for it or honetsuckle theres edible and there is enflouraged poisnous and there is no more of it being made ever, this fucking Jasmine was gonna get maries dad KILLED i thinkhe had six or so he was running to hid ein Mill Valley and gave us one test tube this is when we were ina heavy assed "Amadeus" phase i mean like we sw that film 2x a day in SF, and we put it on ourselvesm, nothing much, BUT like orris its got mysteries remember i mentioned ORRIS

Orris is an insane alchemic group of moves i feel like an Orris sometimes andthen i read the description of my perfume Fracas and i laughed so hard it is SO what people think iof my goddammed persona

so some insane persontakes an Iris ( poisonous i only like poisonous scents for some reaqson)Rhizome strips it of leaves flowers and bulbs and sicks it ona shelf for 4 fucking YEARS and then some other or the dsame p[erson takes the "stone" down and sticks it ina lchohol abnothwr THREE years and opens the sto[pper and smells a vaguely powdery scent and this goddamed alchemist then puta single dro[[et of Mai Rose in it, and the whole place went off like a bomb its got so much complexity but pone could never have guesssed it, its got so much carbality and stays in the heart and the baseand the deep base of a p[erfume., i whored out for a while on Penhaligons Bluebell whose top note is actually Galbumum i know Galbumum w no carrier bit i wouldnt have recognised this its so well made, Freesia will not give up its scent nor will cherry blossoms, not will lily of the valley so anyone who thinks zMuguet is anythingbut a ton of syntehics youre wrong and synethics are great i have smelled mens clogne from before synthetics vanillan and etc, at Tryfitta nd Hill they suck, i decided by the time i was 11 i was gpig to have MY perfume and NOONE else was allowed to werar it ever, so o have called ms Roja Dove and ordered insane new CB acccortds hes doing a Metamorphis series, i like layering Tobacco on AMyryllis Belladonna on top of Ylang Ylang third wash the weaker enfluerage coas i loathe ylang ylang its suppiosed to be so sexy whenever a womens wearing it ugh i can tell and iw anna run, oh yeah and i do love Boudoir youc anget in teh Uk bt=y DameViv , Joe her son told me the Agent si meant to smell like Pussy ....once you smellthe top of coriander you can tell he meant it,

ina van tour way

and also Kate ms Moss is wearing Bluebell lately and yes i too love Ossie and Thea and in fact my dealer the lastthing ineed rifghtnow is clothing bvut she swore to me she had found some Ziegfeld Follies girls estates and i had to see thiis she didnt just find any folly girl she foudn :LILY FUCKING LANGTRYS ESTATE< no uypcycplyng here,! christ i have never seen sucvh exquisite fabrics and beading and handmade lace people went bloind making this stuff, i went to the Cicada club last night where its all 20s world and am getting this little house Chaplin built near the studio so we can make clothes there but there willbeno upcycling of the worths and Vionettes and Poirets of Langrty! theresa massive BAT imsenidng to my friend inthe uk Julian a vat she usecd as a V neck this was spomeone i have always been totally obsessed with, and to be dancing inher clothes some old 20s dance was a treat and now i had the boots replicated theseteensy liuttle boots of gloria swansons big as my palm of silver lame tie up, and have a golden coat with beatiful pailettes on it, i swear i never willlook at anything else conmspumtively we move tomorrow or the next day ill take my clkothes i want to the new house just alot of Rick Owens and Givenchya nd some MJ and then pout my abtique piueces and Bucol and SOlstiss and robbons and Passimeterie nd cocardes and corserty@etsy stuff in there and wait for PIPA WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!!!!

anyway thats an orris an unexpected piece of alchemy that noone knew was coming, and the Jersey Lilys lamne tobe is wrapped aroudn me now i asked Beinhorn to s=describe this album now and he said

Gothic Fleetwood Mac. okay i thought it was mayvete wall since hemade me listent o so much earlya nd later Floyd, i found a jewel too Nick Caves lyric books and i foudn a secret old blues song that blew me away , its so secret that im not telling anyone about it, i wrote amnd wrote abput narcissus and hyacinth and heliotrope woch beatsthe hellout of writing about Jacksonville,

I did see [ictures of Karen Elsons new Nashville Vinatge store and went bananas, but it dodnt seem, they were sending anythigni love Shrimtoncouture.coma nd i justsent those kids from Gibbous thiet first stuff ididnt send them the jets and the lames and the chiffons quite i sent them some, next order iw illsend them the exquisites theres seriously moiutains intarps of 20 feet by 30 feet of stuff here it all revolves around a vision board i created using only b;ack blues greys and golds and a Prellle fabric theyw ere makingteh Dauphines cloths back inversailles andtheystill make one yard a day, theres a fabric of clouds shot withs ilver and another called benedictus im sort of completely obssesed with that and rose Tralows Celtic knot chair and ybigebondy bed and my books and im konked im not a hetr i just loathetheidea of howmyuchny daughter was suffering while ryan # zimmerman@ adams ate his fatface off at Nobu and im lookinginto his poirperty, ihave a gut feeling thatbarbers so desperate to know anyone in m usic at this point no wthat hes in gainesvile and justa total land developer usong my daughters trust and me and kurts estate as collatiral that he may have bouht adams its the thought that the sad fucker is bought that makes me sick if the Black Book guy wants to know why i ignore your calls now you do, yopur resident alien freak cdirty pants shitbag makes me ill/

but ohterwise i love everyone,. imnopt sayong youknwo the foo foghters are so excellent, cos theyre kinda boring i wa explainign to FB whos aid HOw SOonIS Now was her fabvorute first song *( awww she is related to me!) about :Leonard since i hear Coachella audiences didnt get GOD i eman Cohen, speaking of godlike genius why are Jagger and a Marley son and Joss STone and Davwe stewart wgo has the most mindblowing guitar i have ever played ever ever, and i like him tons, what are they doing?

have you veen to cooco de mer and smelled thate cleccita hat has a pinkpepper and vetover top and allthe rest is one phermone that swiss clinicians fpudb thatstuff is isnane, its wierdly effective,

love to my friends, id love ot hear himan c=voiuces i amn inthw studioo every night its getting closer getting closer. youw illnot rec ognise one song sio dont gogettingall demotiis on me, it rocks so hard, Mickop has becoems a MAN even tho hes a MAN WHORE< as long as hes spunly withthat 68 reissue iu dotncare if hes onCrazy Gril 19.

olay lods were all just little Orris rhizonmes waiting for a drop of rare enflureageim gpoign to read HEAT now, and then the Guardiana nd sleep i have [ro,mises tpo keep and miles to gobefore i sleep.

peace to the freaks and junkiea and fags and loonies and nutbags and poeple whod ont hurt others, the rest of you, as Ms Dunaway said to me the forst day i was ona film set ( MommyDearest) GETTHAT GIRL OUT OF MYEYELINE!

love you kiddles, smell my wrists youllconme back for more im going to jumop inmy massive ebodny bed and think of Pasnos boots and Pipa gettingher ass here and Julians face when he sees this bat and FIELDING !!!!! ypuhave a HUUUGE sunset blvdposter motherfucker. and ROTH this WEEK or im coming OVER i can walk fromt he new house and id ammed well will, avid or not,

;ove to myfriends andto my one day tpo be friends'


MJ so did youhave a BLASSST?"

Man, I had a blast.....I need a shower and a zanax ...have a good weekend.

Answers for the "Why" song quiz will be posted far, wifey is in the lead with 7 right.

Gotta go see Mastodon tonight and review the show as well...should clear up my dual ear infection no problemo.............see ya, wouldn't want to be ya.......

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Why and Why Not

Why is Slash on American Idol? Is he bored, completely high, or is the circulation to his cerebral cortex just plain cut off while he wears that top hat thingy. And by the way, Slash is a guitarist. Six strings plus amplifier...what the fuck is he coaching SINGERS for. Why can't he concentrate on finding a fucking replacement for Scott Weiland in his below average background stripper soundtrack band Velvet Revolver....instead of "helping" a gaggle of sexually confused Hot Topic shoppers figure out how to be "ROCK"?? Nothing can help them..they learned everything from church choirs and the malls of America. Why did he do this?
Was he getting brownie points from his kids who may be fans of this obscene show? How I hate when rock stars do that....stop ponying up to your brat-tastic brood and get them strapped to instruments and locked in their rooms where they belong! Shred and then time for bed, Pointdexter..or Cash, Hoss...whatever your name is.

Don't let your kids watch American Idol, Slash. What's next...Lemmy taking his grandkid to see High School Musical fucking Volume 7 for christ sakes?

Why is this news!!! Why do I care????

Why is BON JOVI headlining the New Orleans JAZZ Festival? The only thing remotely jazzy about him is the horn in his Beemer's steering wheel. Why did he open with Living on a Prayer? that to remind the wealthy tourists(instead of the locals who have not a jambalaya pot to piss in and couldn't afford to go) of Katrina again? Dude ,that is soooo 2007.Put your schlong back in the hole in the dike wall,Mr. Perfect Hair...! The only thing you should be headlining is the Landfill Festival in Whereveritreeksmost, New Jersey.

Why did Wilco name their yet to be released album..Wilco, The Album? I love these guys but...who feel asleep at the Moleskin on this one? I mean this??? From the man who titles songs such as Spiders(Kidsmoke),Theologians and Hell is Chrome? Jeff...cmon, man...some of us LUV SAT words.

Why did my most favorite Rock Festival: The Austin City Limits Festival SELL OUT THEIR THREE DAY PASSES IN RECORD TIME this year..when the headliners are Pearl Jam, The Beastie Boys and The(ONCE- A -FUCKING- GAIN) Dave Matthews Band.?????? Look around your office, call/text everyone you there anyone left ON EARTH who hasn't seen one of these THREE BANDS. I just don't get it.....WHEN is DAVE MATTHEWS GOING TO BE OVER!!!!! When are people under 50 going to stop wearing tie dyes, khaki docker shorts and tight baseball hats to outdoor events? I'll tell you when....when DAVE MATTHEWS PACKS IT IN, That's when!!!

Why does it hurt when I pee?
Why are there so many songs about rainbows?
Why can't we be friends?
Why don't we do it in the road?
Why does love got to be so sad?
Why can't I touch it?
Why can't I have you?
Why don't we get drunk?
Why don't you find out for yourself?
Why can't this be love?
Why go?

Why Not tell me who sung those 11 "why songs"...for a real slick no prize in your honor?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

In Remembrance

Today I was going to return to writing about the world of rock in spades...

Today I was going to spread sarcastic cheer your way as I reflected on the major music stories that I missed while I was on a 7 week tour with Bang Camaro.

Today I was going to talk about this summer's gigantic critic proof blockbusters and complain about the absurd cost of popcorn or Whoppers.

Today I was going to make my grand re-entrance into the solid reporting and snarky commentary that you have come to expect here at Circle of Fits.....but that will have to wait. You will have to wait one more day.

Today my sister Meaghan would have been 38 years old. We lost Meaghan to non smokers lung cancer last August. I have spoken off and on about her on this blog. I have told you that she was the inspiration for my return to writing.I have told you she was my biggest fan and my watchdog throughout her life time.

Today I want to remember her..even more than every day since she left us. I guess her birthday will allow me to do just that. Thank you for guiding me on the path to rediscovery, Meaghan. Thank you for filling the voids, changing the courses and renewing the focus. Thank you for being my big little sister, now and forever.....

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bang Camaro on Jimmy Kimmel: The Video

As requested by friends and family and those who are not anywhere near internet savvy, here is the video of Bang Camaro on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. I am the singer on the far left. There was no CGI used in this video. I really do look that good.

Feel free to comment, throw stones and suggest new rock poses while you heckle from your cubicles. I love you all.