Tuesday, May 05, 2009

In Remembrance

Today I was going to return to writing about the world of rock in spades...

Today I was going to spread sarcastic cheer your way as I reflected on the major music stories that I missed while I was on a 7 week tour with Bang Camaro.

Today I was going to talk about this summer's gigantic critic proof blockbusters and complain about the absurd cost of popcorn or Whoppers.

Today I was going to make my grand re-entrance into the solid reporting and snarky commentary that you have come to expect here at Circle of Fits.....but that will have to wait. You will have to wait one more day.

Today my sister Meaghan would have been 38 years old. We lost Meaghan to non smokers lung cancer last August. I have spoken off and on about her on this blog. I have told you that she was the inspiration for my return to writing.I have told you she was my biggest fan and my watchdog throughout her life time.

Today I want to remember her..even more than every day since she left us. I guess her birthday will allow me to do just that. Thank you for guiding me on the path to rediscovery, Meaghan. Thank you for filling the voids, changing the courses and renewing the focus. Thank you for being my big little sister, now and forever.....


  1. very nicely written and heartfelt tribute.

  2. Ditto - wish I had met her.