Monday, May 18, 2009

Worst Heavy Metal Album Covers Of All Time

For Monday, I feel lazy and am going to piggy back on to an article I found displaying the Worst Heavy Metal Album Covers Of All Time....for the life of me I cannot get it to hyperlink in blogger.....The URL is : it and paste it into your URL box...its worth checking out.....!

Manowar are sadly missed! So how did the guitars not slip right off of their bodies with all of that baby oil applied.....

Triumph- Allied Forces is a very sentimental album to me, but yeah, it is too pointy.

Cattle Decapitation's Humanure cover could not be more disturbung.

I'll add a few of my own now:

What lady wouldn't love a Crotch Sawblade...a codpiece of weaponry, so S.E.X.Y. oh W.A.S.P., gotta love ya!

What exactly does Balls To The Wall mean? Is it a gay bathroom game? And why is some hairy man clad in leather skivvies while clutching a mysterious spherical object on my album cover?
Apparently, Accept could neither ask or answer these questions.

Besides having the worst hair in Metal this side of Bret Michaels, Don Dokken has the worst songs, the worst outfits and the worst album covers...Here he's just sitting back, in a pleather vest and shades, ready to break those chains just as soon as the right sharpie power cord comes along... and run out onto that state fair stage and belt one out for all the leather clad cougars, Donny!

I'm speechless....aren't you?

Send your comments and choices my way...we'll put our horns DOWN together....Happy Monday!


  1. Cannibal Corpse had a few covers that could occupy the top five ("The Wretched Spawn" being particularly bizarre) but the sickest metal album cover of all time can be found right here:

  2. Born Again - worst album cover ever!

  3. Seano - First, thanks for checking out my blog. I am almost up to needing my toes to count my followers. Second, love the album covers. Brings back bad college memories of hair metal wannabe bands. Especially liked the Humanure and Devourement covers. Truly sick and wretched, bound to piss off any parent, even if it is Charlie Manson. Catch you later! -- Dr. John

  4. You are right ManOwaR's anthology is missing from this one. Gosh was that the worst cover choice ever... Besides that there's a Pantera cover i saw a few days back which made me want to cry, i don't remember the name but if i find it again i'll link it here.