Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

Today I am home with a sick little boy who does his best to make sure all of the vomit he launches lands squarely on's like a walking GG Allin show in my house...lots of flying bodily fluids and swearing.

I'm going to fill today's post with an entertaining spray of verbal vomit of the musical kind....a potpourri of the shit that's going down.

First and foremost...I was recently named one of the east coast concert reviewers for a website called, and had the pleasure of attending and reviewing 2 shows for them last week. From the completely opposite ends of the spectrum of the rock rainbow...Mastodon and Sum 41 were the shows I checked out last week. Quite a jump there...from the mall to metal middle earth.... While I am new to the site...I have been reviewing for quite some time. Most everything that comes out of my mouth is an opinionated mess of anti-anything- not -rock that most passersby would think is a mad rant from a streetperson, and for those that know me, could be considered a "review" buried under all of that bitching...But my two rock critic idols Lester Bangs and Richard Meltzer bitched their way to the top so why can't I? I will not be posting the reviews here...but you can follow any link I may or may not leave for you.

The new Wilco Album art has been released..I am sort of speechless..camels and cake and nobody came to the party. Is the camel a symbol of "a musical well that never runs dry"? And do the empty chairs make you think of busy rockers who couldn't make it to their own festivities? Only the Tweedy Knows...Album out June 30th on Nonesuch.

If I see one more article in one more monthly glossy about the genius of new quirky alternative folk goddess Bat For Lashes...I'm going to pull mine out one by one after setting them on fire.....what the world doesn't need is "Bjork" acoustic. Johanna Newsom was enough. I'm glad to have her, but, like Michael Jordan,CBGB and Black Necco wafers... there can only be one. Quirk is the new black. Enough already. Write a song we can sing and lose the Rainbow Brite eyeliner...stat.

I recently saw the rockumentary Anvil! The Story of Anvil(an extremely influential first wave metal band that never made it) that seems to be doused heavily in hype these days.....if you are a musician, were a musician or are thinking about following your dream of being a rock star...YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE...It is a sobering, and extremely heartfelt account of a band that should have had it all, but ended up with NIL...and still wants to rock. The dream can tear apart friends and families, but the love of music and performing really saved the souls of these two guys (Steve "Lips" Kudlow -guitar, vox and Robb Reiner-drums).

This is news in the Believe It When I See It dept...from back in late March( WTF, I was on tour!!) Neil Young is finally putting out a long-awaited box set of his first 10 years, from some 1963 live sets through material for his 1972 classic, “Harvest,” and on to his 1973 film, “Journey into the Past.” In typical drily humorous Young fashion, the 10-disc set is called “Archives, Vol. 1.” (One can only imagine that a complete Young overview will be like one of those 150-CD sets compiling everything Bach ever wrote.)

Young can be notoriously — and justifiably — fussy about his recordings, paying strict attention to sound quality, microphone selection and basic “feel.” So it’s a real treat that this box set is finally seeing the light of day, particularly given what’s sure to be some exciting work: the years with Buffalo Springfield, the early material with Crazy Horse, perhaps even those Mynah Birds records with Rick James.

The box set comes out June 2, and is being released in three forms: an 8-CD box, a 10-DVD box, and a 10-disc box on Blu-ray DVD. The man is nothing if not accommodating.

I've heard or read a press release like this for the last 5 years....I will continue to hold my breath..........happy Monday!


  1. Anvil rocked in the early 80's. I loved "Metal on Metal" and "Forged in Fire". I have read some decent reviews on the doc, though it seems like the music biz has not been kind to those guys.

    Someone should place a call to Joel Bernstein and ask if the Neil set is actually going to be released next month.

  2. yeah, the Neil set is something I have been droolin for. The Minah birds stuff is somthing I have been curious for!