Saturday, April 08, 2006

Show #37

We've all done ridiculous things to win the affections of a certain someone we fancy, and on this show we air it out. We titled the segment "The top three stupid things we did to get laid", but in my case, I didn't even score with two out of the three ladies. Here's my abbreviated list.

1) Wrote at least 20 haikus tailored to the conversations I had with a co-worker, slipped them under her office door. Results: nada.
2) Asked a co-worker to teach me how to make pasta and sauce as an excuse to meet her at her apartment for a "cooking lesson". Result: she actually thought I wanted to learn how to cook pasta and shunned my advances. I went home with some cold limp linguini of my own.
3) I sang a Doors song (Love Me Two Times) in a girls ear after trying to get further during a make-out session in suburbia somewhere. This girl had been sort of a groupie to the cover band I was in at the time and once mentioned to me that she thought I looked like Jim Morrison. Result: She loved me once, not twice right there on the lawn.

Jefe, being the suave linguist that he is has a much better record than I, but you'll just have to listen to the show to hear his. Please comment here with your own stupidity of the amorous kind.


  1. Frankly I think Pamela's story was the best one.-Eve

  2. Yes...Pam's story was definitely the best. You know she "used to be quite desirable back in the day".
    But an even better part of the show is how sean pronounces "haiku"...what the ????
    If you see him in person, check out his pronunciation of "saturn".
    Great shows! keep crankin'.

  3. Anonymous3:47 PM

    is elusive for seano
    think of phonetics

    El Jefe

  4. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Dude - Was the love me two times story from when you were gigging with The Blue Coolies or The Itch? Cuz I don't remember the itch having any groupies....

    I hear people at the Patch in Oswego still talk about our spring 1990 show there...

    Nick L