Sunday, March 04, 2007

Earthquake Preparation: Items To Be Sacrificed

We experienced a 4.3 earthquake here in San Fran this past week. It was the first one we truly "felt" since moving here in Oct 2004, as the room moved, bookshelves swayed and cats scattered. We freaked out and realized we are not at all prepared for an earthquake of significant magnitude, and need to get an Earthquake kit together. On The Seano and Jefe Show # 66. I read from a website that lists what should definitely be in your earthquake kit. I also decided to have a little fun and compiled a list of the things I will force Pamela to leave behind. Above in the following posts are pictures of those things discussed in detail on the show along with a brief description.

#1) The "Velvet Car Coat". A hideous long coat that Pamela wears from time to time. It looks like it was made from and old table cloth found in a box from the late 70s at a garage sale. She claims to get compliments about it all of the time.

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  1. yuk! thats ugly.
    those stains on the collar dont help