Monday, February 27, 2006

Show #30 : Top 30 Regrets

on our 30th show, we discussed our 30 biggest (or smallest) regrets. For the people who say "I have no regrets." Bullshit on you. Everybody does. You've got to really think about it. I'm sure you'll come up with some super meaningless ones like me, but its still fun, See, regrets are all about fun. Here's my top 10
1) Not finishing college. 80 credits, no degree
2) Running away when childhood friend Brian fell off of a fence in my yard and cracked his head open.
3) Not taking my great dog Blarney on more NYC walks during his last 2 years
4) Not accepting one offer from any of the 20 or so bands who wanted me to join them during my years in NYC.
5) Not seeing Robert Plant at the paramount Theatre in Oakland,CA this past November
6) Wasting so much time being depressed and unproductive following 2 crushing heartbreaks.
7) I regret every time I raise my voice and it hurts my wife's feelings.
8) Not continuing on with guitar lessons for the three times in my life that I've tried.
9) Not returning the advances of old VJ Tabitha Soren in a bar in Seattle in 1995.
10) Being known as " the king of blown opportunities" by my longtime circle of friends.

We each did fifteen, (Jefe and I)....I forget Jefe's list, but he did say....that beer, that last beer.

I'd love to hear some of yours...You can be anonymous if you think you can't handle it, just don't say something like, I regret ever listening to your show. That would hurt my feelings and I'll regret it later.

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