Wednesday, June 02, 2010

When The Levy Broke/ Bonzo on the BBC

My friend Johnathan Carman , drummer extraordinaire from the band Leslie turned me on to this BBC radio special on John Bonham that aired in the UK on his birthday, May 31. Here's the link:

 Its a great one, and is narrated by superfan Dave Grohl.  It's hard to believe that its been 30 years, not Ten, Years Gone. Nostalgia creeps in and allows me to remember exactly where I was when I heard the news. In Senora Mandelson's Seventh grade Spanish class. A  kid named Bill Yembrick who was seated next to me on that September day,  had his head down, and was crying and sniffling into the folded arms of his black Levi's corduroy jacket.  I asked him what was wrong en espanol.  "Que pasa, Guillermo?" You see, if we used any words that were not Spanish words in class, we had to put a nickel in a jar on Sra. Mandelson's desk.  Even in a moment of crisis, I was a wimpy little rule follower. Anyway, Bill, told me he had bought tickets to go see Led Zeppelin  in Buffalo, NY  that November..( Yeah, he was 12, and yes, LZ was scheduled to play the Buffalo Auditorium on November 1, 1980) and from that moment, the moment we lost Bonzo, he (and I) knew it was over. We knew the band was no more.

Happy 62nd Birthday John Henry Bonham, wherever you are.


  1. I am going to head over and listen to this. I didn't realize it was his birthday, but I always think of him on Sept. 25, cause that's my birthday :(

  2. What a great drummer in a great band! I am constantly amazed when I hear his personality come thru the drums. I always thought it was so cool that he had, and used, the symphonic gong. His kit was always ahead of the curve.

  3. Don't remember where I was but do remember being devasted when I heard the news. Gonna check out the BBC special tonight. Thanks for the heads-up.