Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Seano's Top 22 Instrumentals

I'm at a crossroads. The combination of loss for words/writers block/bite my tongue in my life right now is staggering. My state of mind is mute..innocent bystander..middle of the road miscreant. I am the Cliff Notes version of my former self. I am an auctioneer with novocaine mouth selling silence to a sleeping pack of mimes. You get my drift.

To musically celebrate, the agonizing nothingness of nothing to say.. here are my Top 25 Instrumentals of all time, without any commentary whatsoever.

1) Ending( An Ascent)-Brian Eno
2) High Falls-The Alman Bros.
3) Kind of Blue-Miles Davis
4) Pick Up The Pieces-Average White Band
5) Bass Trap-U2
6) YYZ-Rush
7) Third Stone From the Sun-The Jimi Hendrix Experience
8) Cause We've Ended as Lovers- Jeff Beck
9) Quadrant- Billy Cobham
10) Fluff-Black Sabbath
11) Whitewash-Buckethead
12) Subcutaneous Phat- Desert sessions Vol. 9 & 10
13) Frankenstein- Edgar Winter Group
14) Hocus Pocus- Focus
15) Apostrophe- Frank Zappa
16) Continuum- Jaco Pastorius
17) Up the Beach- Janes Addiction
18) Bouree- Jethro Tull
19) White Summer/Black Mountain Side- Led Zeppelin
20) Birds of Fire- Mahavishnu Orchestra
21) Cathedral-Van Halen
22) Sound Chaser- Yes

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  1. Nice list there Seano. Here's a few I'd take away/give to the list:

    1) Allman Brothers-Jessica(I have bootlegs that'll BLOW your mind!!
    2) Gov't Mule-Trane
    3) Stevie Ray Vaughan-Testify
    4) Iron Maiden-Los'fer Words
    5) Metallica-The Orion
    6) Rush-La Villa Strangiato
    7) Pink Floyd-One of These Days
    8) Santana-Samba Pa Ti
    9) Black Sabbath-Laguna Sunrise
    1O) Yes-The Clap
    11) Heart-Sylvan Song
    12) Led Zeppelin-Bron-yr-Aur
    13) Grateful Dead-Slipknot!
    14) ELP-Nutrocker
    15) Kansas-The Spider
    16) the Who-Underture
    17) Cream-Steppin'Out

    There's more...