Sunday, June 19, 2011

List of Tones

List of Tones rhymes with Game of Thrones and Roll the Bones, only one of which I am currently obsessed with, but it's a catchy title to another Circle of Fits list.

In the thick of my recent headphone research, I've been noticing the magnificent one of a kind guitar tones that do a cerebral stick in my head  unlike thousands of other bland, plug and play forgetful licks and riffs that go by the proverbial wayside. I'm not going to explain why a specific tone made this list. My friend Bob once told me, "One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain".  It's about an emotional response, whatever emotion you choose to utilize.

While coming up with this always growing list, I was very specific about the song, or section of a song, or solo FROM the responsible axeman, not just his name or accompanying star power. These are my favorites so far, and this list will most likely never end. Some of us have a hard time separating " favorite"  from "best". I'll let you in on a little something in the world of the critic. There are no " bests" , only favorites. Don't let any magazine, blog, awards show or cranky old entertainment pundit tell you otherwise.  so have at it.  Here we go.

Solo from "Killer Queen" by Queen- Brian May
Search and Destroy by Iggy and the Stooges- James Williamson
Slide Guitar in My Sweet Lord- George Harrison
Good Times Roll by The Cars- Elliott Easton
Burning of The Midnight Lamp by The Jimi Hendrix Experience-Jimi Hendrix
SWABLR by Cream-Eric Clapton
Bastard Samurai by High on Fire- Matt Pike
Ending Solo from Flight of Icarus by Iron Maiden-Dave Murray
Crazy Mama by JJ Cale- JJ Cale.
Air Blower from Blow By Blow- Jeff Beck
Cause We've Ended as Lovers from Blow By Blow-Jeff Beck
Blue Wind from Wired-Jeff Beck
You Can't Kill Rock and Roll from Ozzy Osbourne- Randy Rhoads

That was part one. Stay tuned for parts 2-75.


  1. Sean, we have to meet in person at some point over a few beers. I bought Piece of Mind on cassette in the week that it was released and that last solo in Flight Of Icarus still floors me, 28 years later.

    My 2 cents, less federal tax:

    Rick Nelson's version of Hello Mary Lou-the solo that James Burton plays is mind-blowing for its time, yet remains in service of the song.

    McGuinn's solo in The Bells of Rhymney-perfection

  2. I especially like George Harrison and the Beatles on I Feel Fine. I think that was the first song I heard them play. Very cool right from the start

  3. also Little Wing by Stevie Ray Vaughan. Killer rendition!

  4. I have thought about this type of thing for a long time and never knew how to verbalize it. I may have to steal this idea for my blog if you don't mind. Great concept, love your list. The middle section of Home by Dream Theater has an Indian feel that always got me right "there". I am sure are many more and I will have to start thinking about them.