Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Give It Up For the Black Keys' New one, "Lonely Boy"

Well, The Black Keys are just about to enter another mammoth album cycle, with the upcoming release "El Camino" on Dec. 6. Hoo! Fucking!  Rayy!   Frankly, I can't think of a band that's had a more stellar run in recent years, and if this album( even with its "highly anticipated" tag attached) lives up to the hype, it could very well give both Wilco's The Whole Love and Mastodon's The Hunter a good jostle in my annual end of the year Top 10. Shit makes me wanna dance without moving my legs, makes me wanna shimmy different than my usual delerium tremens.  Makes me wanna roll my nether-region in something freshly killed and rub up against you.

If there's anything better than the Black Keys that ever escaped from Akron, Ohio, I haven't seen it yet.


  1. You hurt Devo's feelings, who are partially from Akron. I think I'm in the minority here - but I find these guys kinda boring, but I'm kinda a dick so it balances out I guess.

  2. they really have old souls in young the song and will love the album!!!