Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TattOOFAH : New Van Halen Song

Well. The world has its new Van Halen Song called Tattoo.. which was spliced together from a Diver Down outtake and the yuk- yuk yuckiest  part of a deep cut off of Eat Em and Smile.  Complete with the best of wordy uber- cornball Hot For Teacher/Just a Gigolo aftermarket inspired lyrics from Conductor Roth, an Eddie solo with all of the cliche parts of an Eddie solo( kinda nice to hear them, but I already did about 7 million times thanks to mid- market rock radio)...and balloons. Plus we don't get to see how sparkly and outlandish Alex's drum set is in B&W. And Wolfie, you kind of look like Chaz Bono, but with more dancing talent and better man boobs.

Hey guys in the video booth or guys on the stage.. Howsa bout synching up your words to the video, or learning the words, even.  The album, called A Different Kind of Truth, comes out Feb. 7.

 Oh, well,I'll still go see them just in hopes of Eddie bringing out Frankenstein Kramer for one song.


  1. It is not every day I get a review, I can hear the pop-up and comfortable from the beginning to the end of the CD. There is usually a song or two, I can not force myself to get through. Not all the case with Van Halen.

    man and van London

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  3. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Utterly unlistenable piece of shit. Pity.

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