Monday, February 03, 2014


Here you are, the bully bridge between
the coughed out blue and the reborn green.
Eternal tease point of the year
a windy slap leaves nothing clear. the lingering doubt of your courtesy call.
you cackled while siphoning all of the color from fall
and covered our cars and stuttered our gait,
made every heavy dream find a blanket and wait.
you roll your cold tongue over this here northeast
encasing bad news in a freezable feast.

We've never seen eye to eye to eye
unless there's a storm that waits for a name nearby.
you slow down my mourning, yet I'm speeding in think.
cold cocked by memories and soaking in drink.
you muscle in nelsons, I'm driven to mat.
you exhale and white out entire habitats.
I've come up with, after provocation and persistence,
no goddamn good reason for your very existence.

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