Tuesday, September 13, 2005

20 Years coming up

I just found out......Next July will be the 20th Year High School Reunion for members of the Fairport High School Class of 1986....I'm not sure whether or not I will go. Even though I still have all of my hair and maintain my extremely good looks I'm thinking that the 10 year reunion was enough. I don't want to look at pics of everyone's kids. I want to know who got fat, who got divorced, who's been in trouble with the law, who's gone to war, who went gay, who found God and who's still lost.I want to hear some real horror stories and reminisce as well.
In the 20 years since , I've lived in Buffalo, Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, Yakima, Seattle, New York City and now San Francisco. I've seen and done so many things, yet don't feel like I've accomplished much except writing 100 songs, writing 1000 poems, creating two cds, fronting 3 bands and playing drums in 2 more, playing CBGBs, co- designing five nightclubs in NYC, driving across the country five times, being in NYC for 9/11, loosening the slow choke of depression, being on a game show on VH1, getting married to a great lady and staying very close to 5 friends from Fairport, New York .(four of which still live thereabouts).
Most of my 640 or so classmates probably stayed put and pushed out babies and built bigger houses than their parents did. Some are probably on their 2nd family van, playing fantasy football, addicted to the Fox News Channel, and climbing their ladders wherever they may be. I hope some have had a storied life such as my own. I'm sure some have....we shall see.


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  2. Anonymous1:55 PM

    1-27-06 ...In those same 20 years I've had one VW bus,one VW bug,two family vans,a baby boy with wife #1 and a baby girl with wife #2. I have traveled much of North America but have never moved further that 30 miles from my childhod home. Saw Sara Prevost at Bristol Mountain last night with her 2 kids.... had a flash back to 9th grade...Calvin Klein sure would have been proud! In the past I was not a fan of class reunions but seeing Sara and her kids made me really look forward to the idea of our 20 year reunion. I'm currently living with wife #2 and our new baby in my parents basement...pinball anyone?