Monday, January 30, 2006

Show #27 : Going Solo

We discussed the survey of the Greatest Guitar solos of all time on Here's their list....
10) Crossroads- Eric Clapton
9) Crazy Train-Randy Rhoads
8) Hotel California-Don Felder and Joe Walsh
7) One- Kirk Hammett(Metallica)
6) November Rain (GnR)- Slash
5) All Along the Watchtower- Jimi Hendrix
4) Comfortably Numb-David Gilmour
3) Freebird- Gary Rossington and Allen Collins
2) Eruption- Eddie Van Halen
1) Stairway to Heaven-Jimmy Page

I said most of those were ok except for November Rain....I think Slash is a great guitarist but his solos are all wanking off and way too long sometimes. The Hotel California solo is memorable..but not worthy of the top 10 of all time.

Here's my top 10 or so favorites( I don't like saying "best"). These are the ones that bring me back to somewhere else or immediately spring me into air guitar mode. I'm a very good air guitarist by the way. These are in no particular order:

1) Over the Mountain- Randy Rhoads(Ozzy)
2) Freewill- Alex Lifeson(Rush)
3)Reelin' in the Years-Elliott Randall(steely dan)
4) Shoot to Thrill -Angus Young
5)Man in the Box- Jerry Cantrell(alice in chains)
6) Rainbow in the Dark- Vivian Campbell(Dio)- he went on to suck in Def Leppard
7) Hitch a Ride-Tom Scholz (Boston)
8) Riviera Paradise- Stevie Ray Vaughan
9) Freeway Jam-Jeff Beck... so many , but I picked this one
10) Flight of Icarus-Dave Murray and Adrian Smith(Iron Maiden)
11) Red House- Jimi Hendrix
12) Feel Your Love Tonight- Eddie Van Halen( VH)
13) War Pigs-Tony Iommi (Sabbath)
14)Since I've Been Loving You-Jimmy Page( Led Zeppelin)...too many to choose from.but this song always kicks my ass.
Honorable Mentions
15) Joe Perry- anything off the Aerosmith album "Rocks"
16) Richie Blackmore-Solo from "Lazy" off the Machine Head album- thats Deep Purple for anyone playing at home

Why don't you add your own....if you're not too young and have no idea what a guitar "solo" is...


  1. I like the one in planet of women - waking up the neighbourhood.

  2. As a diehard Pumpkins fan for many years (No Jefe they are not "boring")I appreciate the mention of Silverfuck on the podcast however it was on Siamese Dream not Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. We need/want more "nugget" updates!!

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  4. Please, do not forget the Awesomeness of Clutch's Tim Sult. Maybe the Pumpkin's aren't boring. I got lost in the haze, of my MTV video watching days. There was this hot girl named Heather at my college who likes the gourd pummelers, so I probably agreed for kisses. Sucker for a pretty face.

  5. I'll throw my hat into the guitar solo ring. How is it possible that all of you so called music aficianados have left PRINCE off your lists?? Let's Go Crazy, anyone? Purple Rain? HELLOOOOO???? The man is a guitar God.

  6. Oh, and um, I'm not associated with that website. I swear, honey!

  7. Anonymous5:48 PM

    When I think SRV, "Rude Mood" immediately comes to mind (although technically the whole song is a guitar solo). Also, and this is a bit pedestrian, I always loved the solo on Thin Lizzy's "Cowboy Song." Was that Gary Moore?

    JW (the Wife's officemate)

  8. Anonymous5:10 PM

    So....since Seano has know me for years no suprise with a few of my favorites - both from lindsey buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. i like the solos at the end of "Go yer own way" and especially the one at the end of "The Chain." He also does some crazy shit on the 1980 fleetwood mac live album on the track "Im so afraid."

    A few years back I think that British Mag MOJO also agreed that the one on "The Chain" was one of the best... Nick L.