Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Armed with Photos (from SXSW)

I've been back for several days riding on the fumes of a great 4 days in Tejas.  So before I post some photos, let's recap.
These are the bands I think you should check out from a variety of genres: Some you should already know, some you'll be very afraid of. There are a few I have not mentioned in previous posts, so pay attention.

Dead Confederate(Athens, Ga.)
Who Made Who(Copenhagen, Denmark)
I Wrestled A Bear Once(Shreveport. LA)
Township(Boston, Ma)
Priestess(Montreal, Quebec)
Tobacco (main man from Black Moth Super Rainbow: Pittsburgh, PA)
Trampled By Turtles (Duluth, MN)
High On Fire (Oakland, CA)
Sleepy Sun(San Francisco, CA)
Scorpion Child(Austin, TX)
Trash Talk (Sacramento, CA)
The Jim Jones Revue( England)
Mondo Drag (Davenport, Iowa)

If you look under a rock, you will find rock.
Teach your children
Bring them to festivals
Take away their video games, and all will be well.   Just look what I found.

Less preach, more pics!

                                                       Matt Pike: High on Fire (10 strings!)

                                                          Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar, Grady)

                                                        The Meat Puppets!

                                                     Flatstock Poster Show


                                                                   The Bronx

                                                              The Jim Jones Revue


                                                       Metal Mom @ Voivod Show

                                                          Trampled By Turtles!

                                                         Howl @ Attitude Adjustment Party

                                                Dead Confederate @ Obscure Magpie Party

                                                              Mog Party People

                                            Perez Hilton w/ some guy who wants to be Justin Timberlake


  1. Nice camera work, Seantown.
    ...especially of my boy: Gordy.
    post more shots when you can.

  2. Wanna hear more Dead Confederates, more Howl and as little from Perez fuckin' Hilton as possible. Looking forward to seeing some more photos from your trip too.

    Hey, send me an email with your address 'cause I have a present for you. This is for real!


  3. Hey these pics are way better than the Perez party ones you showed me, good job!

  4. seano, nice coverage here.

  5. did you see a band named, "Animal Liberation Orchestra" out there?