Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Lost for Words

I have been off the grid thanks to the dumb fucks at Comcast. Could be the worst run company in the world. My internet signal at home is gone and they COULD NOT COME AND FIX IT for 4 days. Its a problem ON THEIR END and that is what they told me. Can you believe that.????!!!!! I told them that I work/write from home...and that since they just bought NBC they must have enough money for a few more fucking technicians..who took a 5 hour course on how to be one.

Can you guess where I am right now????????

I'm at the fucking library, that where.

Theres a little box telling me I have 9 minutes left to rant about
not having a laptop. A blogger on the rise without a laptop!!  Blog about that!
not having privacy....
not having internet access at home....
not having any idea on how I will finish a paid writing project under deadline.....
not having had a night of at least 6 hours of sleep in 4 months.....
not having a clue on whether this has anything to do with music.....
not having a clue about what I missed in the music world for the last two days....
not having a clue about
not having a clue.

March  is a Lion.
A nasty, bitchy cat who takes down prey it hasn't even seen yet.
Chews them up and regurgitates them and chews them up again, just to say he can.
I'm like a fucking fondue for March the Lion.
Just dip me in my own blood to improve the taste.......
leave my blackened bones for the corporate vultures and let them gorge.
I'm halfway to a luddite again.
I'm going to knock rocks together in caveman inspired morse code music news...so listen closely.
Put your ear to the ground that hopefully isn't still covered in a foot and a half of fucking snow where you are.....hear me and my dull roar.

Times up, hombre. There's a couple freshly escaped school girls in line behind me who want to play Webkins or watch a Keisha video.

I'm out.


  1. Seano,

    It's been a hard day for me but your post just made me laugh. I'm sorry for laughing at your lack of Internet access but I could not help it. I pictured you pounding the keyboards in the library and a librarian walking by and seeing the f word and running to tell on you for using obscene language. I hope they pull their heads out over at Comcast.

  2. Ah, fuck mate, I feel for ya. Wish I could say come over and use my access while I'm at work but I'm on the other side of the world.

    Fuck Keisha, fuck Webkins - tell 'em you've got real work to do to save the world from that shit.


  3. God man you crack me up!!!! Hope you get your connection back up and running. I had a similar issue a couple weeks ago and it finally was found to be the providers issue. They had adjusted the transformer down the line and that made my in/out stream to close together (or so they described it). they adjusted that and I am as good as new. I hated the five days I was away from all of this stuff.