Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wrong Again, RS Readers.

These are the best drummers of all time:

John Bonham
Keith Moon
Bill Bruford
Billy Cobham
Neil Peart
Stewart Copeland
Ian Paice
Dave Lombardo
Jimmy Chamberlain
Jon Theodore
Danny Carey
Matt Cameron
Vinnie Colaiuta
Mitch Mitchell

No Ringo, No Charlie, No Ginger, No Terry,No Lars, No Joey Jordison, No Carter, No Phil.


  1. I'd add Chester Thompson, because if you listen to Zappa's You can't do that on stage anymore Vol. 2, some of what he is doing seems unreal.

    Also, George Hurley, but mostly because I am a Minutemen / fIREHOSE / Mike Watt superfan.

    And wait, you mean you don't think Justin Bieber should be there?

    Ok, I threw up in my mouth a little, I apologize for even having made that joke.

  2. I'd add:

    Danny Seraphine (ex-Chicago he had a way of mixing jazz and rock drumming that was brilliant, his replacement-- Tris Imboden, has simplified most of Danny's fills they lack the oomph that they used to have)

    Jeff Porcaro (prior to becoming the drummer and arguably the leader of Toto, this cat was doing sessions and touring with Steely Dan when he was only 16!)

    Simon Phillips (one of the most in demand session cats ever. In the 80s he filled Keith Moon's shoes behind the kit for The Who, and in 1993 he was tapped to fill the late Jeff Porcaro's shoes in Toto. Rather than try to sound like a Porcaro clone he put his own stamp on Toto's music)

    Carl Palmer (c'mon how could you forget this guy?! Atomic Rooster, ELP, Asia-- this cat has monster chops... you could completely ignore his work with Atomic Rooster and Asia as his output with ELP alone is strong enough to put him on the list)

    And my personal favorite living drummer:

    Mike Portnoy - ex-Dream Theater, ex-Avenged Sevenfold. Dream Theater is the only band that I started listening to because the drumming caught my ear before anything else. I had the pleasure of seeing DT live on their 2002 World Tour (4th row center) and I was completely blown away by Portnoy.

  3. I like your list. I vote for Larry Mullen Jr. as the best LOOKING drummer :)

  4. And what about Bill Ward?

  5. And Jim Gordon too.

  6. One more, John Densmore.

  7. Thank you for the Ringo love - his tempo and pace were the perfect backbeat often - and for those who nay say more - i direct them to "tomorrow never knows" and then tell them to f^ck off.