Thursday, July 28, 2011

Writers Needed

Circle of Fits is at a point where we (me) would like to take on a new writer or two.  Here's the deal. Before you email with a few of your writing samples, consider this.

This is mostly a music related site. Yet this is not a music NEWS site. There are gadzillions of those and most of them bore me. So if you are a factoid centric bot who wants to re-report what someone already has, then I'm not looking for you. And you're not looking for me. This is much different than shining a light on an undiscovered, under appreciated talent,  in which we(me) hold in high regard here.

The main goals at Circle of Fits are critique, appreciation and commentary. The directions in which we choose to go here usually lean sarcastic, infuriated, hilarious and judgmental.  Please have your own VOICE, a thick skin, a penchant for witty banter and a sense of humor.

As open as I am to the world of music, we will not be covering hip hop in any way shape or form here. Quite frankly, it is the bane of my existence. The kids deserve better.

I started this blog after the death of my sister in 2008. I needed an outlet for creativity and to release a longing to be heard. I have always needed these things and I will continue to veer off the music map and go quite personal with rants, poetry, videos, and social commentary that is extremely opinionated. I hope you can hang.

With that said, please send me your writing samples at

Thank you,   Seano

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