Monday, August 08, 2011

Calling Out Anonymous

If you happened to notice the comments section from my last whiny post, Mr. or Mrs. "Anonymous" left a great one basically calling my musings here basically pointless, pretentious and self indulgent.   Well, here's the quote, actually.. 

"Whenever I'm feeling like my writing has hit bottom in terms of pointless, pretentious self-indulgence, I visit CoF and feel better knowing that no matter how trite I feel my stuff has become, there is always a lot further down to go."

And he or she remains anonymous.

Hey, brainiac. If you think I'm taking myself that seriously, you're more lost than I am.

This is not music journalism here at Circle of Fits, but I have plenty of actual reviews published elsewhere that could fall into that category. Horn tooting aside, many moons ago I stated the reasons for starting this blog. I can assure you it was certainly not for accolades dealt from behind the messy desks of cajone-free cretins like yourself. But I'm so glad I can occasionally provide that proverbial yardstick to your probable over polished turds.

Free form, opinionated and personal to the point of nauseating self deprecation is Circle Of Fits.

Fair and balanced reviews, trickle down music news  and yawn spasm- inducing pop and rock minutiae can be found just about everywhere else.  So have at it.

It's a blog, stupid.  I even put freaking poetry on here.

I like talking to people. Including you.
I like making fun of people. Including you.   But give me something to go on.

PLEASE, Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous, let me into your world......let all of us here or not here know what your blog is.  Let's start the conversation.



  1. You know what's really going on here don't you? Anon is envious of your writing, so it irks him or her every time he or she comes over here. If they really thought that little of your writing why the F would they even bother reading it more than once? We will not be invited to read Anon's stuff but it was very polite of you to ask them to share. :)

  2. Comment boards have become the virtual bathroom wall of the 21st century. The anonymous poster is just another "genius" who has inhaled the noxious fumes from their fat, black marker before scrawling a negative message and skulking off. It's quite pointless, really. I'm with Barb in detecting jealousy as the root cause.

  3. Comments like that are one of the reasons I turned them off at Visions of the Unexcused, just the word "Anonymous" stinks with the fingerprints of a shifty eyed malcontent rat - there's no honor doing anything Anonymously, especially on the internet.

    I will say this, they did assist in stoking the fire some - so at the worst, the amber glows a bit longer.