Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dude In Guitar Center That Should Have Been In My Last Post

Yeah, well he really is inside AN ACTUAL guitar center, this noodling nerd. What a champion! I mean, what's the fucking point.? I'll bet there is a row of skate rats butchering "Over the Hills and Far Away" in acoustic off key unison, right behind him.

You wont make it past the two minute mark. But let's do a checklist for fun!

Real tight Dream Theater ponytail? Check.

Glossy black guitar with more sharp points than a Mensa convention? Check.

Mathmatical, robotic playing with no emotion whatsoever? Check.

All practice, practice, practice, practice,practice... no playing? Check.

Big burly guy that looks like Peter Jackson with a rat tail, as an audience of one cheering him on? (can't see him, but I know he's there) His Tolkien wingman? Check.

Doesn't this dude watch Metalocalypse? Has it taught him NOTHING?

I wonder if he bought a new hard drive or rack system with the winnings?


  1. The comic book guy shreds.

    To the sound of one hand clapping hahahaha

  2. "Tolkien wingman" made my day.

  3. Hey what's wrong with Dream Theater? They've got a new album coming out next month I'm really looking forward to.

    But yeah, I don't get that overly tight pony-tail that many DT fans have...