Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello 2012 / Goodbye 2011 / Anticipation

 From 2011, I'd like to say goodbye to :

Anger without progress

 Burning Bridges without building them.

 Phantoms of Fear


 Mediocre Radiohead albums. Blip is Dead.

Super hyped elaborate, expansive metal albums with unlistenable cookie monster vocals. Sing ,you pussies.

 Any brand new band with a woodland or farm animal in their name. Getting my hunting license soon.

Any critic or snooty young music pundit who continues to say rock is dead. Can I punch you in the glasses?

 Any hip hop track containing extreme self- fellating or a guest vocalist(this includes all of them)

The Tea Party-most of you are fucking insane, and need to leave your god fearing, militia led small towns and white bread enclaves and have a look around.

Ever hearing Knights in White Satin or Old Time Rock and Roll or More Than a Feeling  again.

Any dimwitted, half human teen or housewife or gay man who gives any Kardashian another fucking dime. Put down the tabloids and read a book you traipsing, vapid numbskulls.

Any Twitter feed chock full of retweets,replies, thank yous, self promotion and not one living breathing original thought. Don't Tweet yourself, go fuck yourself.

Teen Moms. and most everyone south of Virginia and east of Philadelphia.Which is where teen moms are made.

The electoral college, the senate, the house of representatives, and all insurance and drug companies. Lets bring the War home and fight it out here.

Classic Rock acts that continue to cheat their fans by touring without the original SINGER.

The people that continue to buy tickets to see Classic Rock acts that tour without their original SINGER

Ticketbastard. Spotify. SOPA.

Stages that fall on people and kill them.

Pretentious, hipper than thou, literati- luring lyricists. Have some fun, bookworm. 

Any movie with a rapper turned actor.  Playing a drug lord, soldier, cop, side kick, or pimp.

Anything touched (even just brushed against) by Tyler or Katy Perry.  Joe Perry is fine, unlesss the new Aerosmith album sucks ballz.

Any has been or never was that is regurgitated to do a national commercial or magazine cover via a reality show.

The next and any other subsequent tour by Bob Dylan, Steve Miller, Dave Matthews, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Big Head Todd, Reel Big Fish, Staind, Rusted Root, Boyz II Men, LA Guns or the reunited Spin Doctors.

Those last 15 pounds.




For 2012, I'd like to say Hello to:

My guitar and my Pen.

Any and all music reviews that may come the way of Circle of Fits.

More frequent posts and a new writer or two at Circle of Fits (submit your samples!)

New albums from Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, The Mark Lanegan Band, Black Sabbath, Baroness, Heartless Bastards, Rush?, ZZTop?, Van Halen?, Tool, Kyuss Lives, Smashing Pumpkins?, U2, Nico Vega, Three Inches of Blood, Built to Spill, Deftones, Mars Volta?, Neil Young? and of course  Willow Smith.    Alice in Chains? Meh.

Hello SXSW. I promise to never miss you again. Lets hug it out, but first I'll put my Shiner Bock down.

Hello Bonnaroo? Hello Outside Lands? Hello Glastonbury? Hello Coachella I or II?  Hello Comicon? Hello hotel room, goodbye campsite?

Hello press and photo pass to any Radiohead tour date in my tri-state area?

Hello Philly and NYC music scene again. I hardly knew ya.

Hello dark theaters in the summer and so on showing The Dark Knight, Spiderman, The Hobbit, Prometheus, Django Unchained, World War Z, John Carter, Brave, Savages, The Dictator, Haywire, The Chronicle and The Great Gatsby.

Hello pile of books that hold up my ipod and whatever beverage on my nightstand.

Hello acupuncture, cardiovascular activity, chiropractic facility, support groups, pilates, yoga, tai kwan do, meditation, nature, body of water, sunscreen, bench press.  I'm coming for you. Rock critics need to be strong, calm ,focused. They're always running from angry publicists and brawling rabid clusters of fanboys and girls.

Hello Hello. I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello.



  1. 2012: Hello Unknown Inspiration
    2011: Goodbye SawxBlog

    2012: Hello Proud Feat
    2011: Goodbye Known Fate

    2012: You Say Hello
    2011: I Say Good-Bye

  2. Dude, you need a like button on here or something. Happy New Year by the way.

  3. Derek, I'm shocked with your news of the end of Sawx Blog, but think of how much time is freed up for Yankee bashing now. I will say I was perplexed, albeit interested with your Varitek connect. No more Big Papi for 'Lil Hixi.

    Colin, your comment IS the "like" button. HNY to you as well.