Saturday, September 29, 2012

Soundgarden Returns

This is what rock sounds like. Rock thrashed out by a quartet of late forty- somethings who took a decade and a half off to pursue Pearl Jams and be Audio slaves. Four men with something to prove to the vastly changed landscape chock full of processed schlock pop and skip hop,among the festering  plague of ADD teens attached to their screens and lazy button pushers with wacked haircuts.

 At first through tenth listen, the track is laced with a little more grit and gruff than the density of the Badmotorfinger stuff, but I'm not bored, I'm on board.


  1. I was hoping that their return would be really good. I'm digging what I hear so far.

    Prevailing trends in music are beyond ridiculous. Most "artists" aren't even troubling themselves with trying to create their own melodies. More thought has gone into armpit farts than most of the sludge that oozes from contemporary radio.

  2. Who???? Glad to see you back on the if you could help me out of this rut~>~>~>

  3. Wow!!! nice Video Clip of Ineradicable Sound....