Sunday, December 30, 2012

End of the Year Rant


Praise of Alabama Shakes: 4th Grade lyrics, bland blues by an open jam band and too much hype for the heavy chick.

Sloppy Duos like Japandroids and Jeff the Brotherhood: Get a fucking bass player, sing in tune.

Critics who actually like Japandroids -spent way too much time in their basements without a bass player.

Rhianna-Take a yearlong break without a goddamn release, put on a shirt and visit a shelter for battered women.

"songs" from Bob Dylan masquerading as bad poetry night croakings presented by an asthmatic with blood in his throat, pushing verse through crusty polyps, from albums that make best of lists without fail.

comparing Gary Clark Jr. to a variety of famous Texas blues guitarists by using the word incediary or because he's from Texas. Not worthy of the comparison or the adjective.

Billy Corgan criticizing the bands who came up in the same era as his did, that allowed him to be famous enough to get press in the first place by criticizing them. This criticism of "playing oldies" doesn't hide the fact that Oceania was worse than any of the music that made him famous.

Beyonce at the Superbowl. Dancing those thick legs around while making millions of drunk white men angry as she's singing "Single Ladies" and "should have put a ring on it"  Makes sense.

Less Rick Ross. He's bloated, cliche-ridden, his bling has crumbs and ketchup on it, oh, and he's talentless.
Much like the bulk of poular hip hop, his output contributes to the complete dumbing down of society.

eh, I could go on and on about what's wrong with music. I sound like a cliche.


  1. Thanks for that, Sean. Been missing the fits. How bout a "more" list to balance out the end of '12. All the best in '13, bud.
    - The Outlaw

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  3. I like the Japandroids because they're not perfect and seem to care - although seeing them live made me question the future of music...f^ck.

    Still, they're a lot less popular than you'd think, and will be in Nada Surf territory before they can say "Popular". But like Nada Surf, I think they have the burn, dedication, and dogged talent to last. They're more fans than pros, but isn't that always the fantasy? Shit, lost in the muck of tangent again.

    That said, less Billy Corgan...forever. Eff that pretentious self centered prick.

    And as The Outlaw stated - all the best in '13, and thanks.

    Here's to Music.