Wednesday, January 02, 2013

(Much, Much) Less Continued

This should be your resolution :  Less.......

Housewives / Pokes/ Bud Lite Commercials/ Skrillex appearances at festivals/ Viral videos with allegedly cute domestic animals/cliffs/valleys/ "amazeballs"/ spanx/ Beliebers/ pregnancy press coverage/ Gronk/ Norquist/ Hefner/Trump/Jenner/ Boo Boo/ Boenertears and tantrums/ Swift faux surprise/ Kimye/ bangs/ Pitbull(2 legs)/ Pitbull (4 legs)/ "who are you wearing?"/ handlebar mustaches/ striped tanktops/ grown men wearing docksiders/ east coast hurricanes/ Mindi Kaling/ pageant moms/teen moms/tan moms/ 8- bit anything/ tollbooths/surcharges/ subpar hip hop endorsed bright colored headphones/ corn and soybeans/ one person shooter video games/one person who shoots/ Fred and Michael Phelps/ birthers and/or breeders/ Vampire weekdays and Vampire Weekend/ circling the drain for Superhero movies/ planking/ Joseph Gordon Levitt/Carly Rae Jepsen/ Bromances/ Superfoods/ Kidz Bop/ J Pop/ bald action heroes/ dancing supermodels/ Suburbia/ "Jeah"/ YOLO/ "redonkculous"/ "legitimate rape"/ meggings/ vajazzle/ canoodle/ Leo Decaprio+ Marty Scorsese/ self- proclaimed somalliers/ The Golf Channel/ metermaids/ commercials featuring DJs/ dark chocolate/ "ginormous"/ duos/ Arizona/ Kevin Smith,Hart and James/Dora and Diego/ EDM/TMZ/ KKK/NRA/OPP/ GBV/ sloths/ guitar face/ unibrows/ ALL CAPS/Apple Maps/ Pinterest Cupcakes/ Hoodies/ "Lil anything"/ Basketball felons/ Stephen Colbert/ vest rock/ trilogies/ coconut water/autobiographies from musicians with one album to their name/ Fun/ Betty Fucking White/ Rebecca Black/ Blue Ivy/ 90s Nostalgia/ fibromyalgia/ who cares about My Bloody Valentine/ this track "featuring" that artist/ How You Met Your Mother/ child stars who find god/ Florida and Flo Rida/ Zynga/


  1. I take offense to GBV.

  2. Gratuitous Bovine Violence. It's a plague on all the local farms around here.

  3. Surely you included "redonkulous" in error.