Sunday, January 06, 2013

More, More, More (how do you like it)

These are all floating around my crystal balled semi- hallucinogenic anticipatory hype/ wishlist for 2013. My future ( and yours,should we choose to accept it)  looks amazeballs....

More More More

of a non- perspiratory existence with the obligatory small stuff/ having those final eight more hours with Walter White/ of what Josh Homme has up his gifted sleeves/ Rube Goldberg machines/ who the fuck is directing the new Star Wars movie/ removal of training wheels(metaphorically and no)/ deep cuts on the spring Soundgarden tour/ vast improvements in voice texting / Sound City!/ background checks/ an oasis called Obamacare/ parkour fails/ virtual cupcakes/ of the 50th state/ listening not hearing/ reading not skimming/ purple states?/ Rainbow Ribbons/ critics who've gigged/ knocking on(down)(through) the door of the elusive truth/ upgrading my bullshit filter/ Adventure Time!!(real AND animated)/ of anything that has to do with Austin TX/ Man of Steel in June/ World War Z in June/Sin City in October/ Anonymous vs. anybody/ The Kurt Cobain Documentary/ anti-snoring technology/using reclaimed wood and pissing off lumberjacks/ WHITE WALKERS!/ Rebuilding the Jersey Shore/demolishing "The Jersey Shore"/ mermaids/ Atoms For Peace/The real return of Beck/ a Son's first guitar lesson...../ More...of less.

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