Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hermit the Blog

Couch surf comic awareness one headphone off baby coughs thom yorke soundtrack import hardcore stuporstar blog non bountiful since everything I say turns to gold when you're can feel like this too and accomplish everything you've been told to do...fitter, happier golden hues of decadense...the year of living in cold code..pummeling fun into comes the the son. struggle through barre chords and stumble through white albums save are my sunshine reflecting the puddles running out of my on the third floor first six months of a life laid out here framed in here unwound and wrapped in love and patience love and patience love and patience..on/off and sleep and lifting smiles from frantic teething...barely breathing to quiet yourself to hear his...rituals patience and love shape a life rituals patience and love shape a life. breathing life into yours is mine, your mothers and mine.

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