Sunday, December 17, 2006


Bonham was 32 when he passed, vodker did him in, it was total rock and roll, one tired and deadly sin from within...I sometimes hear his bass drum godly triplets as I high step the sidewalks stroller free, I know Bonham reincarnated could never be me......Have you ever listened to Kashmir in Yer headphones for the trillionth time? Its childish, epic and sublime. And when I drink I lean towards rhyme..classic rock crutches help me walk proud and distorted every time. Blog Captain Blog, on your mystery trip...riff equals gallop, beat equals skip. And Classic rock is my badge of courage, its my invisibility cloak, its my godsended weapon mjolnir, its everyone else's long running joke. We need arenas and religious parking lots where we begged forgiveness and rocked till we drop, we live vicarious legends via VH1, we windmilled and headbanged and plugged into all of this past tense is poison to those who live so makes sense to me to retrace my steps to this simple sonic cure......

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