Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Top 3 X-mas videos

Billy Squier- Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You
What the hell happened to Billy Squier? What a festive sweater he's wearing! I can't focus, I'm hypnotized by it! Look at the late JJ Jackson in his overly snug Michael Jackson jacket? Look at Nina Blackwood..almost to be confused with Nina Hartley! Mullets and mistletoe! Handclaps and Hallelujahs! The eggnog was spiked heavily on the MTV soundstage that day...Its hard to believe that little minx Martha Quinn is at least 25 years older than she is in this video. How's that for your squashed holiday spirit...a bloated and graying Martha Quinn dropping cigarette ashes on your Xmas cookies as she tearfully reminisces.

Kinks-Father Christmas- I love this song...its too bad the video was betamaxed off of somebodys basement television screen after several large cups of peppermint schnapps in 1980 something. Well you get the gist....I always thought the xylophone mimicked the ones in the Bruce Springsteen rendition of Santa Claus is Coming to Town....give all the the little rich boys! I can just picture St. Nick running away from a belligerent Dave Davies looking for cold cash.

Bowie and Bing- Little Drummer Boy(Peace on Earth). Quite simply the best Xmas video of all time. This made me want to put glitter on a Cardigan and go carroling in rough neighborhoods, spreading good cheer and running for cover. I love it when Bing asks Bowie about any of the old favorites and Dave says he goes as far back as John Lennon and Harry Nillsson..Classic! They don't do variety shows like this anymore...I'd love to see an update with Lemmy and one of the twits from Fall Out Boy....peace on earth, indeed.

Honorable Mentions: John Lennon's Happy Xmas(war is over) which didn't make it because Yoko's chorus always made all of the glass ornaments on my tree shatter, and any song from Emmit Otter's Jug Band Christmas(Muppets).


  1. Don't use Nina references please

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  3. Good stuff. Agree completely.
    FYI: I have learned the Billy Squier tune and will be playing it at the jam!