Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Anger Management and Patience Maintenance

I'll admit it. I've been a tad perturbed lately, grumpy..punching the air and mincing no words. Funny thing is....life is ok. I've found an interest in keeping our garden well tended and I don't even like the veggies my wife grows....writing is kicking into gear....and today I hit some notes while singing P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson song that would make the hair on a cats balls stand at end(it came up on ipod shuffle, ok? Right after Freedom Rider by Traffic and right before Had A Dad by Janes Addiction). Life is good. I ate a fucking salad for lunch, for christs sake.

So yeah, I'm enjoying the summer but this past weekend was a shitstorm of emotion.

But the part that made me most angry is this part..I went to see Wilco in Delaware for free(as I was reviewing the show)and I was given a press photo pass as well. I thought this meant I could bring in my camera and take pics of the show from my seats....boy was I wrong..and UNPREPARED. It turns out a press photo pass puts you at Wilco's feet for the first three songs. Thats right. Front row...actually in FRONT of front row.(and the barricades and the security)
Holy Shit! They break into Wilco(The Song)as their opener which is from the stellar new album Wilco The Album and I'm standing dead center at Tweedy's feet taking one picture..trying to look professional while bopping head and singing along....snap second pic..another of Tweedy with bassist John Stirrat in the back ground, then another and another and...the battery dies. 30 seconds in to a 3 song photo op on my first photo assignment. Awesome! And now...I can't just stand there with Delaware's finest press corps photographers snapping furiously all around me...I have to FAKE taking pictures(looking down at my viewfinder, adjusting focus, moving around,etc.) for the next two songs until we are escorted out of the sanctioned photo area.

You know that music on a game show when somebody gets a wrong answer, underbids on the Showcase Showdown and is escorted out with a years supply of Turtle Wax....? That is the sound I heard in my head as I went back to my seat like a three legged wet dog. Four pictures taken....175 faked.

Do I seem angry to you?

Jeff Tweedy gets angry too. Here is a prime example of him calling out some chatty Cathys at one of his shows........deep breaths.....count to ten....repeat.


  1. I loved what he said to the audience! Is there anything MORE annoying that having someone talking around you while you are trying to hear music? He really got the point across without being an ass about it.

    As for you, young man, keep eating salad and gardening and remember to charge your camera battery next time :)

  2. The last time I saw Wilco, they were opening for Neil Young. The time before that, Garth Hudson joined them for three encore tunes. By the way, he did chide the audience at the second last gig I attended. The effers deserved it, too as they were behaving like idiots while Tweedy was trying to do a few acoustic tunes. I think that it's incredibly rude to talk through a performance. I used to go to jazz clubs a fair bit and people knew not to let a pin drop when the music started. It's the law. Sadly, some people prefer the sound of their own voices.

  3. That was epic. I wonder if it worked and if people shut up for the rest of the show!?