Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm Staying Home- Coachella 2011 Passes on Rock

The line up for the 2011 Coachella Festival should please anyone under 30, who reads lots of year- end best of lists and thinks that Interpol is still relevant, and the Kings of Leon are a rock band. I'm staying home to watch the Metal Show and a Hoarders Marathon.  The Strokes, with a new album coming out, should change the face of rock just like the last time that they were touted to. I can't wait to read about how many hipsters get carted out with heatstroke while waiting for Lauren Hill to decide to perform.


  1. i'm ok with the line up all excet Kanye west i really don't see the fuss over him

  2. I'm gonna have to agree with becca- the line up looks decent except for Kanye West. Of course, I am one of those "under 30" that you were talking about...

  3. I know, just come to California and we'll find some REAL music to listen to around here! You'd love San Diego and of course there's LA. Pleeeeeeeze!!!!!!!

  4. Coachella is where pretty people from LA go and pretend to be into music. But festivals usually suck regardless.

    For the most part the line-up is a huge dripping wet lougie of meh - but there's enough here where, if I were in attendance, I could easily cope. Plus it's actually nice there's a lot of crap bands because that'd make my decision on where to be that much easier.

    But maybe that's because I'm just a dirty hipster in hiding. I mean I do like hip-hop AND animal collective...the horror. Eliminate all brutes.

    Bands that I'd have on my "to see" list - to be pared down later (in no order):

    Phosperescent, Best Coast, Ratatat, Felice Brothers, Here We Go Magic, Daedelus, Foals, The Radio Dept, Elbow, Broken Social Scene, Big Audio Dynomite, Animal Collective, Bright Eyes, Titus Andronicus, YACHT, War Paint, Tame Impala, Sleigh Bells, & Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

  5. Digi-D, You are So not a "hipster in hiding"...its pretty out in the open, but you have way more street cred(having been a dj in your youth) and having a musical background much more broad that most of those mustachio-ed snobby know it alls.

    I'm scared of half of what you listen to, being a brutish, half witted classic rock caveman of sorts. But I did check out Jack Rose (loved it, RIP) Gimme some other stuff that's sort of in my wheelhouse to check out. I trust you even if you like hip hop.