Saturday, January 08, 2011


350 followers? Really?

Where are you following me to?
If you figure it out, please let me know, through email, morse code or mind meld.

I have no destination right now, Just connecting dots between sickness, health, sanity and breakdown.

Just like all of you, right?  You may not think so, but you really is that simple...

So many motions to go through, so little time.

But hey, at least I have a soundtrack!

Don't we all need a soundtrack?

Do you want to follow me to my latest playlist?  I don't think you do, unless you might need some soundtrack for sleepwalking through a desolate search in a burning desert, binging on faux oasis', waiting for an alien apocalypse, waiting for the car that never comes to pick you up outside the maximum security prison on your first day of release.

Here's your playlist for that.

Borrowed Tune-Neil Young
How to Disappear Completely-Radiohead
Cafe-Tim Buckley
Kingdoms of Rain-Mark Lanegan
I Am Inside-Alice in Chains
2:45 AM-Elliott Smith
Upward over the Mountain-Iron and Wine
Changes-Black Sabbath
Unfinished Plan=Alain Johannes
Blindsided-Bon Iver
Dreaming My Dreams With You-Cowboy Junkies
On and On and On-Wilco
Riviera Paradise- Stevie Ray Vaughan

and many more.......don't throw this in your headphones before your spin class.

Please share your own.


  1. great playlist you introduced me to some new music and as long as we are talking music i'll follow anywhere

  2. You could go one step further and break out Nick Drake's Pink Moon album.

  3. Stellar list! Definitely glad I decided to follow your blog.

  4. Sia was unexpected... but awesome.

    @Sean: Pink Moon references are usually my specialty! Haha!

  5. Man, I've gotta get me some Alain Johannes! Thanks for the reminder. Top list, btw...


  6. That list sent me on a YouTube vortex where I let each song wash over me as new no matter what - figured the worst I could do was pass along the same. Ended up listening to that Sia song a bunch, never heard of her before.

    My sad bastard mix is as follows:

    1) Whiskeytown - Avenues (

    2) Wilco - How to Fight Lonliness (

    3) Joy Division - Shadowplay (

    4) Nico - I'll Keep It With Mine (

    5) Uncle Tupelo - Life Worth Living (

    6) Lower Dens - Tea Lights (

    7) Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale (