Friday, May 27, 2011

50,000 Hits for Fits

AHEM......I'm distracted by the appearance of a bizarrely small Asian man with very shiny pants and a bluetooth in this Starbucks....sorry. What I really wanted to say is Thank You?  Yes. Thank you.

Sometime over the weekend while most of us will be welcoming summer in with wine coolers, smuggled Four Lokos, and spiked Frappucchinos.... Setting up the grills and percolating with pills...Modeling our bikini flops and muffin tops....yeah, while all that is happening and we're not even thinking about soldiers and sacrifice....

...This site that I started just under 3 years ago will have reached a milestone (according to an internet roundtable and various collectives of well funded research) of receiving 50,000 unique visitors.

Most of whom are nubile music school freshmen who got here by mistake by Googling the term "circle of fifths" on which the title of this blog is sarcastically based on.....for those of you who wonder.  But I'll take what I can get.

Of those 50,000, 11(ok, I'll round up to 15) have commented on the plethora of rock periphera that I make note of.

My favorite comment of all time came from a man named "Shoezz" who said, after my well thought out "In Rainbows" review from a few years back..."Great site. I came across this today and I'm really hoped to find it. Awesome,man! Check out our great sale on Crocs of all colorzz."

Here's to you world.  Rock on, rock off, but do something .  Thank you,  Seano


  1. Seano, Congrats Man! You deserve all of the recognition and the comments you have received and more. I positively love your biting and sarcastic humor. If you do nothing else, you amuse me. By the way, did you by those Crocs?

  2. Very cool! No surprise, as the content is very well written and original. Onward to 100,000 hits, Sean.

  3. Hahaha...I don't imagine that you are much of a Croc guy. (which is a GREAT thing!)

  4. I want to all the congratulate you on the effort on this content today. I hope that you will also check out my sitez on the replica watches, and I agree with all them all.

    Seriously though, congrats, I know how thankless doing things like this are, but as long as you're doing it for yourself, it's impossible not to succeed. TO 50,000 and beyond. Selah.