Thursday, May 26, 2011

Review: Red Fang -Murder The Mountains

This is rolling out of where you lie, bloodshot and bleary, giving the finger to the sun poking through the blinds, letting the hungry dog lick the milk from the cereal bowl next to the couch music.

This is rock and roll in boulder form rolling down a mountain, laying out old growth trees and annihilating a village full of your greedy enemies in the golden valley music. Hmm..Track 1:  "Malverde" will do you.

This is spilling out into the alley behind the seedy tavern after 17 beers and a splotch of shots in a denim blur of a brawl with your best friend who just told you he fucked your sister music.

This is murder ballads meets Melvins meets bottom- blistering don't ask questions just punch the wall with a smile music. Do yourself some "Dirt Wizard". That would be track 4.

This is the house band, the taste makers, the composers for your demolition or divorce or dirty deal in a Quik- Fil parking lot as the stars and your eyes get blotted out by storm clouds and your muddy Vans are dancing between whippit canisters and tall boys on the floor of the back seat of your '88 Celica  music. Yeah...I'm thinking "Throw Up" track 5 will be your soundtrack.

These are pure, down low, ear to the stacks, carabiner of keys swaying in the breeze at a basement show in a haze of smoke and glow songs. 

This is Red Fang.   Murder the Mountains.             (insert banshee yell and fist pump here)

If you can find enough loose change in the cushions or from your Mom's purse to buy a ticket to one of their shows or buy this album, DO IT.

Here is their fucking hilarious new video for the song "Wires" -

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  1. Hell yes. I'm a convert. Video = All the Awesome.