Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

If you are all gooshy, gooey and sap-fucking-tastic about Mother's Day, then PLEASE DON'T read this. This post is all boot- crushed bouquets and fire- bombed brunches, so you've been warned.

A short playlist of mother related  songs at top fucking volume in my cans today.

Mother by John Lennon
Mother by Danzig
Mother by Pink Floyd
Mother Puncher by Mastodon
Motherless Children by Eric Clapton
Full on Kevin's Mom by Soundgarden
Bad Mother Boogie by Cactus
Tie Your Mother Down by Queen
Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight by The Misfits

and a song my friend Anthony and I wrote and recorded called Well Enough Unknown

My mom was a great mom for 24 years and then she completely shit the bed.
She's been the queen of abandonment and selfishness since then.

She's got her sunshine state fortress of solitude, smoking, tanning, bloodletting regretting and forgetting .

If she walked up to my almost five year old and said hello in a raspy sqwawk from behind wrinkled lips, he wouldn't even know who the fuck she was.

I've got issues, yes. But if you think ALL mothers deserve praise today , don't fucking kid yourself.

I could tell you stories, man.  But I don't want you to spit out your Eggs Benedict. Some mother hen shit them out for you so you could get all dressed up and eat them with your happy broods.

Here's to all the Dads who are moms, too.

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  1. Sorry to hear you ended up with a mom that was more into herself than her family. I think any mom who does not love her children above all else is a bit off - its the nature of BEING a mother. My mom and I never got along till recently, she'd say shit like "I wish you were never born" or "I hope you die in a car accident". But that was HER stuff from her crappy childhood rearing its ugly head.

    My son has a mother who's also a father, so I get where you're coming from there too.

    Happy Belated Mother's Day, Seano.