Monday, April 26, 2010

Get This

Raw Power: The Deluxe 2 cd version is out. As a matter of fact, its been out since April 13, so what the fuck are you waiting for?
David Bowie's original mix is cleaner, less distorted..and a bit too soothing for me. I kept waiting for the prim and proper golf claps from a British roundhouse after every song..unlike Iggy's mix where you're fearing for your life or jonesing for illicit action after every song... but I had never heard it, so I'll just say I'm glad to have it. I can't knock Bowie for it, he basically saved Iggy's life in the mid 70s then threw him a huge bone by recording and having such a huge hit with Iggy's China Girl in '83. Plus as you'll hear in the above video, he was only given 2 days to mix the album.

I really love the live show from Ga. included in this takes the soundman/or James Williamson..(can't really tell whose fault it is)....three songs to get any live guitar level...and Iggy just vamps...makes fun of the crowd and..its creation of a genre right in front of your ears.... the punk meets the/ is the Godfather.

Just go get it.


  1. Already commented about this on Jeff's blog but thought I'd give you some comment love as well...


  2. Must make an effort for sure.

  3. Hmmm, interesting, I figured this release was just to cash in on their recent induction in the RHOF. (nice video player there btw!) May have to reconsider...